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Chapter 32

32,1. But now the whole world was put back in the perfect order, and heaven and earth were joined together very closely and even Satan said to himself:

32,2. "What shall I do now? The Lord himself has taught His human children and has tied them firmly to Himself; even my depth has He made his own and has given to many in all branches a great power, against which I can do nothing and can not undertake anything!

32,3. I have power in the stars, like on earth over all the elements; but to what use is this to me, when the human children have the power in the heart of God and with that they can mightily powerful counteract me everywhere where I wanted to attack them?!

32,4. But I nevertheless know what I’m going to do; I want to bait the human race, because I have the right to tempt them, and it soon will show if the Lord's children are as firm and unshakable as it had now came to light under the personal visible guidance of the Lord!

32,5. I want to be present during the begetting of the daughters in the depth and will let them become so beautiful and lovely in their flesh, that everyone who will look at such a daughter of the cities in the depth, will be captured by her great spell! Such I can and am allowed to do, since the flesh is still in my power!

32,6. But what do I do, if I'm doing this! Good or evil? For if I’m doing evil, then the Lord will confront me; if I do good, the Lord will say: 'The good is only in God!'

32,7. But I know how I will do it: I will place it in the middle, - neither bad nor good!

32,8. And the beautiful daughters will be just that; for the strong and virtuous it will still be possible to walk next to them in a God pleasing manner!

32,9. But if he is not that, at least he will encounter in the most beautiful daughters a tough trial-stone and will find a powerful opportunity to either strengthen or to weaken his virtues, thereby standing before God and me as he is - but not how he wants to be without effort and his self-control: a master even above me and a mighty prince in the heavens!

32,10. That thereby some weaklings will go under is certain; but that thereby also some become great virtue-heros, is also safe to assume!

32,11. Thus, the matter - weighted on both sides - is in itself neither evil nor can it be called good; it is the center, thus a float between good and evil!

32,12. Therefore be it firmly decided and executed shortly!

32,13. But one more thing: What if the matter in the end turns out to be worse than what I have calculated it now?! I then would again find myself in a hostile situation with the Lord!

32,14. But I also know here what I want to do! Enoch is the Lord's right arm here on Earth; I will go to him and present my plan to him! He should consult the Lord about it and then make known to me, if it is agreeable to the Lord!

32,15. This would obviously be good; but what if Enoch with his great power would decidedly reject me?! What then in my newly awakened fury?!

32,16. How about it if I dared to approach the Lord myself?! That would obviously be the shortest route!"

32,17. And a voice came from above to the ear of Satan, which in short said: "What do you contemplate evil"?

32,18. And Satan said: "Lord, I do not want to do evil, but I only want to build a suspension for your children, but thereby not in the least restrains anyone’s fullest freedom; therefore permit me such!"

32,19. And the voice from above said: "Satan, when you wanted to be a man, you're free; do what you want in your elements, and the Lord will do according to His will! - But Enoch leave Me unscathed!

32,20. And Satan was perfectly satisfied with this answer, and soon put his hand to the planned work, which, however, he was not able to accomplish for a long time; because for as long as the generation lasted as it existed like now on the heights and in the depths, his tricks showed little results - but the more so with the descendants, as history unfortunately will show!

32,21. Soon after this episode, envoys came from Horadal to Adam and appointed him their top leader in the name of the Lord over the people between midnight and morning. But the envoys consisted of ten men, headed by the two sons of Lamech.

32,22. But Adam send the envoys to Enoch, and Enoch permitted such in the name of the Lord, but also to exercise the High Priesthood over them in exchange for a tenth-offering to the Lord of the best fruits, then dismissed them with the retention of the two sons of Lamech which he took into his house.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-32 Chapter