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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-320 Chapter

Chapter 320

320,1. When Fungar-Hellan received this to him somewhat unintelligible and quite lengthy reply to his short question to Mahal, he said to him:

320,2. "Dear friend, you may well be right; but nevertheless your explanation about the failure of your council seems to be more a wisely conceived subterfuge than an actual truth!

320,3. For behold, I am also well versed in the subject of correspondence and know quite well what is hidden behind a natural phenomenon; but despite such my knowledge I would not have found in this phenomenon, what you have brought to light!

320,4. Truly, it would have preferred it many times over, since you now possess my complete trust, if you openly would have confessed to me that you for once might have been mistaken, then coming to me with this stretched wisdom phrase, with which I now can do what I want; I can believe it - but just as well also can deny it!

320,5. But I want to tell you the real reason of your failed council!

320,6. Behold, it is this very natural: You meant well and thought by yourself that these feral kind of priests will repent by the speech of a beautiful female creature! And that's why you gave me such advice, whereby you of course not have considered the great lust of these guys, wherein lies the hidden reason for the failure.

320,7. By the way, this is not important! You still remain my most intimate friend; I just would have preferred it - as I have already said - if you immediately would have told me the naked truth, instead of your this time thinly wise definition!

320,8. I therefore ask you now to give me a real advice and tell me, what's to be done with these horny goats; should they stay alive, or should I have killed them by the sword? Tell me the pure will of God, and I will indeed act immediately accordingly!"

320,9. When Mahal heard such a speech from Fungar-Hellan, he said in a slightly agitated tone: "Friend and brother, why have you now said these things to me and thereby have not characterized me, but called God Himself a liar?!

320,10. See, this will now cost you soon a tremendous fight, in which you will be heavily chastised by God! See, for you have not believed my speech, which was of a gentle nature, thus believe what I am going to tell you now!

320,11. You have completely forgotten about the highlanders and you think that they no longer can cause you any problems; but the ten still surviving princes nevertheless in time heeded the advice of a messenger from the heights, by withdrawing the law regarding procreation, a law which the messenger advised against, but instead promised a big reward to anyone who would find a way out from the highland to the depths.

320,12. And I tell you: Just now a man is standing in front of the ten princes in their golden palaces and reveals to them a plan, which he devised through higher inspiration, under which the depths can be and will be reached unstoppable! And tomorrow they will begin the work and you will look at the work with a million eyes and you will nevertheless not be able to prevent it in the least!

320,13. This, however, will be a landmark to you, that my explanation was not an empty trick of my spirit, but was an eternal truth of God!

320,14. However, what you should do with these priests? - The Lord says: 'Let them go from where they came; for their spirit cannot be changed because it died through the unchastity of their flesh! But if the waters will come, they will be the first to find death in the floods!"

320,15. When Fungar-Hellan heard this, he immediately dismissed the priests and called the army together and moved with them to the place, which Mahal described to him more accurately afterwards, namely where the highlanders would break through.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-320 Chapter