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Chapter 321

321,1. The place, however, where the highlanders had built themselves a way to the depths, lay one hundred miles by today's measurements (written in 1844!) northeast of Hanoch and thirty miles from the lake with the island and its water servants. And this locality was a sprawling desert in which nothing grew except for some wild berry bushes. Nevertheless, also here the mountains were for a distance of twenty hours and a height of thirty fathoms vertically excavated, and it was thus impossible for anyone to get from the top down or from below to the top.

321,2. One hundred and fifty fathoms away from the mountain wall, Fungar-Hellan had his yellow- and red colored tent set up; and when the whole great army was divided along the mountain wall, Fungar-Hellan said to Mahal, who made himself comfortable on his bed:

321,3. "Friend, according to your advice we have now set up camp here; but I still do not see in the remotest sense anything corresponding to your prediction! Should you have fooled me here?! - Truly, despite being your dearest friend, I'll tell you that such a hoax will cost you dearly!”

321,4. And Mahal said: "Just take care that the hoax from above will not cost you dearly in the end! - But regarding myself, for a long time already I’m not accountable to you in this, nor in any other matter!"

321,5. Mahal had hardly uttered these words, when suddenly a horrible roaring thunder could be heard from the height of the mountain.

321,6. All hurried out of their tents to see what had happened, and one could see the heights covered in smoke which usually originates from the explosive grains when ignited, and under the continuous thundering a thousand mighty earth- and stone avalanches came crushing down to the depths, whereby the rectangular space between the vertically excavated walls and the desert plains were completely filled.

321,7. And since various such avalanches occurred along the whole wall of the desert, the wall soon was filled with debris in various places, and the way from the heights to the depths was thus paved unstoppable - which pernicious act Fungar-Hellan had to watch quietly as it was impossible for him to stop it; for who could have dared to remove the debris while continuously new and bigger avalanches followed in short succession?!

321,8. During this awful occasion Mahal asked Fungar-Hellan whether he regarded such a phenomenon also a hoax.

321,9. And Fungar-Hellan said: "O you terrible prophet from the heights of God! Why do you have to proclaim only terrible things, which occur with such terrible accuracy, and why not also good events which also occur with the same accuracy?! But tell me now as well, what can we do to conquer these revenge thirsty highlanders!"

321,10. And Mahal said: "By the very fact that we are here! For our presence here will tell them that we have been inspired by a higher power to know where they would built their roads to the depths! This will instill a great respect in them for us, and instead of fighting they will choose very peaceful negotiations!

321,11. You just have to refrain from attacking them belligerently when they are coming down; but you can always place a strong guard around your tent, to inject them with a great reverence for our power!"

321,12. When Fungar heard this, he immediately complied with the advice, but simultaneously already a few spies were discovered who made sure that the spaces were properly filled.

321,13. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-321 Chapter