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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-323 Chapter

Chapter 323

323,1. Among the survivors was Fungar-Hellan with two colonels who fled with the rest back to Hanoch, in pursuit over quite a long distance by the survivors of the highlanders.

323,2. When he arrived in Hanoch, he immediately hastened to Gurat who welcomed him with open arms. And then he announced to the king the most sad end of his campaign, saying:

323,3. "Brother! Now everything is lost! The highlander have built themselves a way down from the mountains at a desolate place about sixty hours behind the large lake which was indicated to me earlier by the shameful old rascal Mahal! Their number may have been a million more than ours!

323,4. In short, after the old rogue moved with his family members to the enemy in a manner which is still a mystery to me and then most certainly had us betrayed to them, just after I had strangled three most cheeky delegates with my own hands, the infuriated enemy attacked us on a thousand points simultaneously!

323,5. A murderous battle began, and lasted for three days and three nights; on the fourth day I was down to no more than two thousand men, with only a thousand actual soldiers among them, and I was forced to flee to avoid not being wiped out to the last man.

323,6. The enemy also lost probably more than two million men; for I tell you, on the third day we were fighting on piles of corpses! My warriors have certainly fought more bravely than the enemy - for my warriors surely killed more than three million of enemy soldiers, while the same could not master my two million -; but their superiority was eventually too great that we could have conquered them!

323,7. But now we have to quickly assemble an army of four million warriors to take revenge on the haughty highland princes in a manner of which the earth forever will not be able to exhibit a second example! But speed is of the essence here, - otherwise the highlanders will be on our neck again!

323,8. Woe unto you, killer of my people! Fungar will now become the king of all devils over you! We will attack you with a cruelty of which the worst and most evil Satan will cringe! A thousandfold curse onto you, earth, and all creatures on your surface; I will give you the coup de grace! - But now let us build an army, a most terrible army!”

323,9. Upon this speech Gurat became frightened and could not speek.

323,10. But Fungar-Hellan hurried away, launching at once the greatest mobilisation and recruitment campaign.

323,11. And within one month already a fully operational army of four million men and more was ready in and around of Hanoch.

323,12. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-323 Chapter