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Chapter 325

325,1. But when Fungar-Hellan had the new large army organized in the depths and had sent a large number of builders who at the vertically excavated mountain walls had to construct high towers with wide staircase steps, he again went to the king Gurat and found him to be very sad and asked him the reason for such his sadness.

325,2. And the king answered and said: “Oh dear friend, when I consider that we no longer can call the man of God our ally, I’m overwhelmed by a great sadness, and your first exclamation ‘We are lost!’ - which you said to me when coming to me after your unfortunate campaign - appears ever more alive in my soul!

325,3. For behold, what use would all our precautions to us, when Hanoch at the helm of the under priests had conspired against us, if the wisdom of Mahal would not have guided us?!

325,4. But now, that you at some point or somewhere has cruelly acted against his council, he now has left you and went over to the highland princes and will be their leader!

325,5. Wherever you will undertake something against these princes, his great wisdom will see through you from a great distance and will know how to neutralize any of your plans and to conquer and to destroy us, as you have done it at his side with all the temples, - to what all your power would be of little help, if the power of the man of God would not be with you!

325,6. Therefore I’m also now most certain and convinced that your one hundred tower construction project will benefit us very little, nor the new immens army which costs us twenty-five thousand pounds of gold daily but never will bring us only one weak silver coin benefit! -

325,7. Oh, if it could be possible that Mahal and his children would become our friend again, we would be able to walk safely within our walls but without him it will soon become very dangerous to walk the streets and alleys of our city, since we are all blind and cannot not see where an abyss awaits us!"

325,8. When Fungar-Hellan heard this from Gurat, he became very pensive and did not know what he should answer the king.

325,9. Only after a while he said: "My king and my friend, you're quite right, and nothing can be said against it; but since we are exposed, it is after all better to do something for our safety, then to throw in the towel entirely!

325,10. I have no doubt swore the princes the highest vengeance, including Mahal, - but since my anger has calmed somewhat, I will be lenient with my oath; but we must still be armed at all times, as we are not sure for an hour about a powerful attack from the side of the highland people!

325,11. Mahal’s wisdom or not! We still need to ensure our safety as much as possible, if we do not want to expect our downfall in every moment!

325,12. By the way, should Mahal come here now, I will accept him just as friendly as he was welcomed earlier in this castle; and I think - no one can do more for him!

325,13. But in what manner could he come back to us? He will not be able to walk across the battlefield; therefore the construction of my towers should proceed as swift as possible, so that we can send a messenger to Mahal to bring him back to our walls, should he still be alive!"

325,14. With these words Gurat was satisfied and recommended to the General the construction of at least one tower at the vertically excavated mountain wall.

325,15. And Fungar-Hellan did this with all diligence; and within thirty days one tower stood fully completed against the wall.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-325 Chapter