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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-326 Chapter

Chapter 326

326,1. When the tower was built at the main access point into the highlands, and this in such a gigantic manner that its stairs could easily carry camels and donkeys, General Fungar-Hellan and King Gurat assembled a strong well versed delegation and sent them to the highlands, to look for Mahal and bring him back to Hanoch.

326,2. Within a few days the delegation was put together, clothed in white garments of peace, and then sent to the highlands.

326,3. After a five-day trip on camels (calculated at forty hours travel per day which such an animal could easily accomplish) the delegation reached the highlands, where they were immediately arrested by the guards and brought before the ten princes.

326,4. When the delegation was brought as prisoners before the ten princes, one of the princes asked them what have motivated them to seek their downfall on the heights.

326,5. And one of the main speakers of the deputation said: "Elated, wise leaders of your people! Not even a remotely evil intention has led us here at great expense, - but only the best and most peaceful sense was our guide!

326,6. You have defeated our army and as winners have claimed the big battleground; therefore, you also have the most martial right, to demand from us the victory tax!

326,7. But we also know that you too have suffered a strong defeat and might therefore hardly have the courage to demand your fee from us, since you, based on your deepest wisdom, might judge and assess that we still have an armed force of almost five million soldiers in reserve.

326,8. Therefore we have been sent by our king to you, to ask you on his behalf, what you are firstly demanding from him as a victory tax so that he could give it to you immediately; and secondly he asks you for peace and friendship to which purpose he is now building a hundred connection towers to reopen once and for all the trade relations with Hanoch!

326,9. That is the reason of our mission, which is true in its entirety, - to which we have an added commission for Mahal should he still be alive, and if he still were in your midst!”

326,10. When the princes had heard this from the deputation, they asked the delegates by which means could they indubitably prove the truth of their statement!

326,11. And the deputies said: “If Mahal is still among you, call him before us; he will give you the testimony!"

326,12. When the ten princes had heard this, they at once sent for Mahal.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-326 Chapter