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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-327 Chapter

Chapter 327

327,1. When Mahal now entered the council chamber, the deputies were terrified about his serious countenance, and none of them dared for one word to pass his lips.

327,2. When the whole assembly stood there in silence for a while, Mahal asked them: "Why did you call me? Am I like a strange animal which is led around in chains by a tamer and be gaped at for some pieces of metal?! - Speak! Why have I been summoned here?"

327,3. After this questioning prompt one of the ten princes said: "Man of God! See, these are sent here from the depths and have given us such and such a reason for their mission! O tell us, if we can believe them or not!"

327,4. And Mahal said: "Yes, - you can believe them what they testified, because it is so; except that the offering of the war tax was not the actual main reason of their mission, but the main reason of all that is me!

327,5. King Gurat and his General Fungar-Hellan want me back at their court, and these deputies should induce me to it; but they, like their masters, do not know that Mahal can never be guided by men but only by God alone.

327,6. Therefore tell your masters that I will only go back to them if God the Lord is asking me to do so! But also tell them that I in the very name of the Lord will see to it, how they will keep their double proffer to the ten princes!"

327,7. When Mahal had spoken these words to the delegates, he turned back to the ten princes and said to them: "Let these messengers go away again in peace, because they have offered you peace; but pay close attention to it that their offer is fulfilled in a given period of time!

327,8. For if anyone gives his word to someone, he must comply with it within a specified term, otherwise he is a hypocrite and political speaker only, who makes a promise, but since he does not specifies a time limit in which he must keep the promise, his promise is as good as an utter lie because he can extend the fulfillment of his promise to infinity and can do something only in a thousand or ten thousand years, which he otherwise had to fulfill in a specified time frame.

327,9. Therefore, it is not good enough to say: 'I'll do that', but it should say: 'I will do it so and so today or tomorrow, or in one year, if the Lord keeps me alive for that particular time to fulfill my promise!`

327,10. Therefore also demand this from these messengers, and as I said before - let them go in peace!"

327,11. The ten princes saw the importance of this condition and gave the messenger a period of three months and let them go completely unhindered but immediately reinforced the guards at the main ascent.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-327 Chapter