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Chapter 328

328,1. When the delegation arrived back in Hanoch and informed Gurat and Fungar-Hellan about the outcome of their mission, both lords of Hanoch initially made some sour faces about it.

328,2. But Gurat after a while said to the General: “Yes what should we do? Here it means to bite the bullet and nothing else, nothing more, nothing less! In one month we have to come up with one hundred thousand bushels of wheat, as much grain and equally as much barley and then twenty thousand camels, forty thousand oxen and two times hundred thousand sheep, otherwise we are completely lost against the highlanders!

328,3. The only question remains: From where are we going to obtain within such a short time the great mass of all this? From where, from where - if we do not want to start a war with our own people - yes - a real predatory war!?"

328,4. Fungar-Hellan, scratching himself strongly behind the ears, said: "Friend and brother, as it seems to me, we are as good as lost! I am now of the opinion to let Mahal sit on the heights and let us remain at home with the war tax!

328,5. If the highlanders had demanded gold and silver, we could have given it to them easily by tenfold since we have so much of it that we could cover the whole of Hanoch with it; but grain in these already very lean years, and so many of the oxen, camels and sheep, and all this - as already said in this lean years - is not possible, and all at once, certainly never!

328,6. If the highlanders would have given us a period of ten years, the matter would probably still be feasible; but, friend, in one month it is the purest impossibility of the world!

328,7. Let us therefore send up another delegation to negotiate a ten-year tax repayment period; if the ten princes agree to it we want to keep our word - otherwise they should do what they want!"

328,8. Gurat was pleased with this proposal. A new delegation was summoned and ordered to the heights - but unfortunately without effect; because the ten princes insisted on their demand and would not lessen their demand by one coin!

328,9. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-328 Chapter