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Chapter 329

329,1. When this second deputation returned to Hanoch without achieving their goal and informed the king and Fungar-Hellan about the fruitless outcome of their journey, both were unanimously infuriated and took the firm decision to not deliver one coin in value as a war tax the highlanders.

329,2. And Fungar-Hellan said: “Thus they should come and get it themselves! But if they are coming, we want to received them in the right way!

329,3. We know, however, that we are descendants of Seth, and that the slave people of the highlands are derived only from the rejected Kain! Should our strength be so shrunk that we are not able to master these haughty slaves?!

329,4. For the time being we will be no fools anymore, to look for them with our army in the mountains; but we will know how to lure them down to us. And if they will be coming, then woe to them; they should taste our righteous wrath!

329,5. Do you know, friend Gurat, what we are going to do now? - We will send another delegation up, namely with the following political message:

329,6. Under pretence we will give the whole empire Hanoch into their hands, and this under the pretext that at such huge demand we could no longer govern and are therefore at a loss!

329,7. Because without violence such enormous demand of crops and livestock could impossibly be gathered in our own kingdom in such a short period of time. And if such violence is exercised against our own citizens, then the whole empire will rise up against us and with its great superiority destroy us entirely!

329,8. Since we have thoroughly calculated such, we rather handing them the whole empire in peace for a good annuity; because we have become tired of governance and therefore would greatly prefer the rest than such a rushed life!

329,9. As a sign of truth the delegates should immediately take the keys and some counterfeit crowns of Hanoch with them and hand them over to the ten, and at the same time invite them to move to Enoch and take over everything lock, stock and barrel! What do you think, is this my idea not good?"

329,10. And Gurat said: "Dear friend, just remember that Mahal is among the ten, and therefore any ploy is futile!

329,11. But I think we should do now nothing of the kind and wait until they begin to negotiate with us; then we launch a terrible offensive and destroy everything that is approaching us!

329,12. But in the meantime, however, instead of the one hundred ascending towers, let us dig a hundred tunnels each a thousand fathoms deep into the mountains of the highlands and load each such shaft with ten thousand pounds of explosive grains and ignite them, - and this will cause a fairly strong confusion among the haughty highlanders!

329,13. What has to happen further the outcome will teach us!"

329,14. Fungar agreed to this and at once began executing the council of Gurat.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-329 Chapter