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Chapter 33

33,1. After thirty days the Lord indicated to Enoch that Lamech in the depth has finished the second temple.

33,2. And Enoch knew what he had to do; he called the two wives of Lamech, Ada and Zilla, as well as Hored with his wife Naeme.

33,3. And when all of them arrived at the house of Enoch, which was still a house of Jared, the high priest of the Lord introduced the two sons, Jabal and Jubal, and then said to them:

33,4. "Listen to me in the name of the Lord and almighty God and most holy, most loving Father! It is His most holy will that everything should free out of itself obey His eternal sacred order.

33,5. Thus also you should comply with everything that the Lord will faithfully proclaim to you through my mouth!

33,6. But it is this what the Lord proclaims to you: The high priest Lamech, now placed in the planes of the earth over the people of the earth out of the Lord, needs you according to the will of the Lord, since by now he became, entirely free out of himself, a perfect servant of the Lord, like me, by the infinite grace and mercy of the Lord.

33,7. On the to you well-known cleansed Snake-Mountain, he saw the Lord for the first time; on this mountain he should have build Him a magnificent monument.

33,8. Such Lamech has now completed, and therefore we will go down to the planes and will there, just as here, faithfully submit to the will of the Lord!

33,9. But you should no longer be afraid of him, the leader Lamech now; because he is equal to me in the Lord and will receive you with the most love-filled heart and will keep you in his great mercy which was given to him by the Lord. - Let us then be on our way in the name of the Lord!

33,10. You, Hored, although being a son conceived on the heights of the morning, should, however, move now with your wife to the planes and be in the house of Lamech his support in all his operations to the spiritual well-being of the poor children of Kahin out of the Lord's love in you!

33,11. If, however, you want to visit the heights, it will be free and open to you by day and night; but you will never live here permanently because you have taken a wife from the planes of the earth and thus belong there for good and to benefit where your wife is from. But the power of the children of God's should stay with you to the end of your earthly life!

33,12. But do not ask whether the Lord will also be with you on the planes as He has been here at the heights of God's children!

33,13. Since wherever someone loves the Lord above all in his heart, there the Lord is completely with Him; but if he does not love Him, the Lord is also far from him, even if he lives a thousand times higher than we are here now above the planes!

33,14. This is now the reason why the Lord wants this with you; everything further the Lord will indicate to you on a daily basis.

33,15. You two sons, however, will get from your father the good instructions what you shall have to do in future in your father's house.

33,16. But you, wives of Lamech, should again become what you have been to him before, - but now no longer in great fear of your hearts, but in great joy of it!

33,17. But you, Naeme, should remain faithful to this your new husband, given to you by the Lord Himself and should be to Thubalkain nothing more than a brother!

33,18. Now you know everything what has to be done now; therefore let us be on our way without delay!

33,19. This time, however, you my grandson Lamech should accompany me; but your wife stays at home with Jared and Mathusalah!

33,20. As you are here now, also follow me; and none of you should take anything with him! - Thus the Lord wants it. Amen."

33,21. Here Enoch stepped out of the father-house, blessed the heights and also the planes, and also the path to it, and then walked with those who have been called towards the planes.

33,22. And those who have been called, followed him like lambs their shepherd.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-33 Chapter