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Chapter 330

330,1. The ten princes in the highlands also summoned a council meeting, to consider what they should do, should the Hanochites not keep their word; the council lasted longer than three month, but no final decision could be reach in this matter.

330,2. But they erred since they did not consulted Mahal, and the reason for this was that they thought Mahal might as yet be secretly involved with the Hanochites and could afterward also give some advice to them, by which they (highlanders) could be delivered into the hands of the Hanochites.

330,3. This suspicion against Mahal arose from his very mild handling of the delegation from Hanoch, as they rather expected from him to sentence these messengers to death.

330,4. However, Mahal realized this and became very displeased thereat.

330,5. When the ten princes, after their three-month consultation did not deliver any pointed decision, called upon Mahal who lived in a small mountain town in a completely secluded house all by himself, and asked him what they should undertake against the Hanochites, since they did not keep their word and that from the promised war tax nothing has arrived as yet, Mahal said:

330,6. "My dear friends, I am sorry in my heart that you came so late to me, because my adviced can be of no use to you anymore! Would you have rather at the beginning of your empty meeting which lasted for three month in vain, have asked me for the right advice, I would have given you the right advice; but now it's too late!

330,7. Because during your meeting the very active Hanochites have gained exactly the right time and were able to dig quite undeterred at one hundred very favorable points about a thousand fathoms deep shafts and have loaded each already with ten thousand pounds of the strongest explosive grains; and still today all of these mines will be detonated, whereby your country at hundred points will be very badly damaged!

330,8. And you will therefore have to flee if you want to escape the vengeance of the Hanochites! Flee therefore rather immediately; because tomorrow it may be already too late!"

330,9. And when the ten princes had heard such from Mahal, they laughed and said: "Friend, if there is nothing else, we can quite calmly remain here; because we know exactly the effect of the explosive grains, and how deep one can dig in three month into the earth!

330,10. See, if they have penetrated only forty fathoms deep into the rock in three months, they have performed a miracle, let alone a thousand fathoms! Therefore, we are quite calm!"

330,11. Here, the ten princes laughed again, and left Mahal.

330,12. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-330 Chapter