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Chapter 331

331,1. But the children of Mahal asked their father, what they have to do if the Hanochites would perform such a violent coup against the highlanders.

331,2. And the father Mahal said to his children: "My children! Trust in God, and be perfectly calm; because we are safe and secure everywhere on earth of God, as long as God the Lord is with us!

331,3. But if we have forfeited His grace and mercy and love, then everything which is called being or subject will pursue us and meet us in hostility; not even our shadow can we trust, that it will not betray us to all sorts of enemies!

331,4. Therefore we want to hold even firmer on to God, so that we may indeed walk safely on the earth of God!

331,5. But I say to you now, my dear children, as I now see it in my spirit: Thus how things are now standing on this earth, it cannot last longer than ten years!

331,6. A person is against his neighbor; one nation marches against the other; each one wants to rule in his own sphere and does not respect any governing body and no king!

331,7. Thus throughout the empire of Hanoch there are many independent lords, and the king trembles before the citizens of his city, and all his vassals and all the governors in the outer cities are completely arbitrary lords and do what they want. They demand immoderate taxes from farmers; but the king and his general do not know one syllable about it.

331,8. The foreign vassals have become completely independent lords, fight wars among each other, so that for a long time already no day goes by without bloodshed.

331,9. Here and there are popular uprisings! And there is robbery, plundering and murder, and everyone who was in front of such turmoil, wants to remain dictator thereafter; and once he has succeeded, he then becomes much worse than the former tyrants and despots!

331,10. In a particular evil manner do the emigrant children of the heights are carrying on in secret for many years already with the children of the depths. For a long time already they are considered no longer to be persons, but as pure rational animals and treated accordingly; and nobody wants to be led, pulled and punished by the spirit of God anymore!

331,11. Since the infernal invention of the explosive grains, the earth drill and the rock softening acid no mountain is safe from the destructive rage of the people.

331,12. Say, - can God keep watching such raging, infuriation, beating, killing, destruction, lies, hypocrisy, cheating, and stealing and robbing and every kind of fornication any longer?!"

331,13. And the children were terrified about this description of circumstances of the world.

331,14. But Mahal said: "Let us under cover of darkness leave this place and go to Noah on the heights; for from now on there is nowhere else a stay for us!"

331,15. Thereupon Mahal gathered all his belongings and at once went with all his children to Noah on the the heights.

331,16. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-331 Chapter