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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-332 Chapter

Chapter 332

332,1. Within ten days Mahal arrived at the still hallowed heights of Noah, who met him quite a long distance in advance.

332,2. When the two elder brothers met they embraced each other, and both were over joyed to see each other again.

332,3. And Noah immediately asked Mahal what is happening in the lowlands and empires, whether they turn to the Lord, or ever more so to the world.

332,4. And Mahal said: "O brother, the utter impiousness of all the nations which I now have came to know completely on my extensive travels, is indeed the main reason why I'm here now!

332,5. I was still full of the best hopes that I through the grace of God would succeed, to win the people by their kings and princes over for God; but ten days ago the Lord made me clearly see the circumstances of humanity on earth, and therefore made me clearly recognize that the people can neither by miracles nor by whatever other means be brought back again.

332,6. Because they are so utterly turned to the world, that all spirit in them has gone under; but where no spirit prevails in man, how could he absorb any spiritual and divine in himself?!

332,7. If only a few people would be involved, it could be thought that it would be possible to convert those; but what can one man do against so many millions of the most stubborn ungodly people?!

332,8. They are listening to you for some time; but soon they completely indifferently turning their backs on you. If all goes well, you are either laughed at and even compassionately bewailed as a fool; but if it only goes a little worse, you are flogged, imprisoned, and even killed! For I say to you, a human life is considered in depths like here the life of a gnat!

332,9. O brother, it shudder me if I now think about the depths! Verily, in hell, which we know for a long time, as it is, it is almost better!"

332,10. When Noah heard such a description from his brother Mahal, he sighed deeply and said, "Thus it is really so, as the Lord has shown it to me in the spirit! O you world, you world, why don’t you want to be punished the so gentle spirit of God and rather prefer your judgement your eternal destruction?!

332,11. From this point on, both brothers went completely silent to the top of the heights where Adam once dwelt, and wept together over the so wonderfully created earth.

332,12. And Mahal soon noticed the almost completed large water ark and was very surprised how this had progressed in such a short time to such perfection.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-332 Chapter