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Chapter 333

333,1. But when Mahal had a closer look at the in- and outside of the ark, he said to Noah: "Brother, tell me precisely how the Lord has commanded you to build this rare construction! I also know something, - but only very circuitously and therefore the matter is not very clear to me; thus explain it to me in detail so that I also know what I have to do at that time!"

333,2. And Noah said to Mahal: "Brother, you know the time when the people on earth began to multiply since the days of Lamech and later procreated quite beautiful daughters; and you know how God's children on the heights realized this, and soon began to leave the holy heights and migrated to the plains of the earth and how they took the daughters of the people as it pleased them and procreated children with them!

333,3. As therefore the heights of God, which He had blessed so extensively and dearly for His children, was almost entirely bare of men, for even husbands abandoned their wives and moved to the depths to take the daughters of the people as wives, whereupon soon many abandoned wives followed them to the plains and married the sons of the earth - behold, soon thereafter the Lord said to me:

333,4. "Noah, behold, the people no longer want to be punished by my Spirit; because they have become pure flesh! I nevertheless will give them a deadline of one hundred and twenty years!"

333,5. When the Lord had spoken such words to me, you were present; and you also know what we have done for one hundred firm years according to the will of God to convert the children of God who have become most common earth people, and all this without the slightest lasting success!

333,6. For the children of God procreated with the daughters of the people powerful and famous people; these became masters of all sorts of evil things before God and became hard tyrants against the children of the world and also warred against each other for domineering reasons. And under such circumstances a hundred years and more went by!

333,7. But when the Lord saw that the people not only did not converted upon His daily exhortations of all kinds and manners, but became even more evil and more powerful, and how all their thoughts and endeavors became forever more evil, - behold, He then repented it that He had created man on earth, and He was very grieved in His heart about it!

333,8. And see, at this time - about two times seven years ago the Lord spoke to me again: ‘Noah, listen, I want to erase the people from earth who I have made, beginning with man to beast, to worms, and to the fowls under the heaven; for I regret it that I have created them on this earth!'

333,9. But I, Noah, nevertheless found mercy before God, and He did not counted me as one of the people of the earth who have become evil! And behold, at that time God again looked to the earth; but it was corrupt before His eyes and was filled with violence!

333,10. God nevertheless sent messengers to the corrupt people and wanted to have mercy on them. But the messengers were talking to deaf ears and were regarded as very ordinary people; they were left alone and were completely ignored.

333,11. Thereupon, after a very short while, the Lord looked to the earth and said to me: 'Noah, listen! All My endeavors and love is in vain! The end of all flesh has come before Me; for the earth is filled with evilness of the people! And now behold, I will destroy them all with the earth!'

333,12. And see, around that time, I also had, as you know, log the trees to build the box, which is now standing there before us completed except for one small matter! But if you also want to know the building plans in detail, I will tell you according to the Lord's own words!"

333,13. And Mahal asked Noah about it and Noah spoke to Mahal: "First come into my house and let us strengthen ourselves in the name of the Lord; then I will reveal the building plans of this box to you!"

333,14. And Mahal did according to the wish of Noah.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-333 Chapter