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Chapter 334

334,1. When Noah with his brother Mahal and his children and with his own wife and their own children, had strengthened the body, he said to Mahal:

334,2. "Well, brother Mahal, if you want to listen to me, I will explain to you the building plans of God for this big box!"

334,3. And Mahal asked him for it, saying: "Yes, my dearest brother, do that, I once again ask you for it, so that I can learn from it, what I will have to do for me!”

334,4. When Mahal had spoken these words, Noah said to Mahal: "Very well then, thus listen! But I beg you, that you not become annoyed; for then you would have to blame yourself, if your anger will consume you!

334,5. And Mahal assured Noah that he will never get angry, even if the Lord would hurl a burning thorn bush on to his bare back!

334,6. Then Noah said: "Thus listen; for soon afterwards the Lord God Zebaoth spoke to me when the logged pine wood had been trimmed:

334,7. 'Noah! Make Me an ark of the pine wood, and make chambers in it, and seal it with pitch from the inside and the outside; but make the box as follows: three hundred ell in length; fifty ell wide and a height of thirty ell. (A ell was equal to a half fathom equal to about 95 cm.)

334,8. You should only give it one window, namely on top of the roof, and it should be one ell in size (equal in length and width, provided with a little door as window which can lock tight and is made from planks).

334,9. You should put the entrance in the middle on one side of this box! The box itself should be separated from the bottom to the top into three floors divided by three floors so that the whole box has three decks, one at the bottom, one in the middle and one at the top as a third in height for the people and their needs.'

334,10. I, Noah, penetrated further into the will of the Lord, asking what is the use of such a box.

334,11. And the Lord spoke again to me: 'Noah, behold, I want to bring a powerful flood of water over the sin on earth, to destroy all flesh, in which there is a living breath under the heaven; and everything on earth will perish!

334,12. But with you I will make a covenant! You should go into the ark with your sons, your wife and your sons' wives.

334,13. In addition, however, you should also put all kinds of animals of all flesh into the ark; from each one pair, a male and a female, so that they may stay alive with you!

334,14. Of the birds after its kind, of the beasts on earth after its kind, and of every worm of the earth after its kind, one pair each should go with you into the ark, so that they can stay alive!

334,15. Thus you also should take all kinds of food with you that you can eat, and which you should gather it in the right quantities, so that it serves you and the animals as food!'

334,16. I fell before the Lord on my face and cried and begged him: 'Lord, how should I, a weak person, do all this alone? Where should I catch all the animals and where to find the right food for them? Where should I get for all the carnivores, the meat, and where the grass for all the large grass eaters, and where the to me unknown food for all the insects - How long, O Lord, will it take me to finish the big box'?

334,17. And the Lord said: 'Noah, do not worry, but just put your hand to work, and I will help you, so that you should not feel the hardness of the work!'

334,18. And see, brother, I immediately put my hands to work, and everything happened miraculously by itself, and I had with my few helpers an easy task. The box grew from day to day mightily and is now finished except for the little window door on the roof!

334,19. Thus was the building plan, and so is now also the completed work!"

334,20. When Mahal heard this, he was sad beyond measure; because he did not hear that also he too was allowed to go into the box.

334,21. Henceforth what further!

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