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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-335 Chapter

Chapter 335

335,1. But Noah very soon noted the great inner sadness of his brother Mahal as well as his children; for they were all deeply shocked thereat, when they heard that only Noah and his family had found grace before God.

335,2. Therefore Noah said to Mahal: "Brother, why have you become sad now? Didn’t you previously gave me your word that you would not get angry, even if the Lord would hurl a burning thorn bush on your bare back?!

335,3. O Brother, how do you keep your so highly placed word to me?! Don’t you know how good the Lord is, and don’t you know His endless patience and His eternal unlimited mercy?!

335,4. Tell me, - when did the Lord has ever not listened to someone, if he repentantly turned in the true love of his heart to Him like a true child to his only right and true father?! You do likewise, and you will certainly not need to be sad!"

335,5. Thereupon Mahal exhorted himself and said to Noah: "O Brother, show me a sin which I have ever committed against God the Lord, and I want to mourn and weep thereat for my whole life and beg for forgiveness and mercy!

335,6. Am I not as pure as you are?! Why does the Lord want to judge me? What did I do wrong before His eyes, that He denies me to go into the box?

335,7. That I wanted to find my children in the depths, where the Lord Himself had sent Waltar below, but when he got there, He let him go so that he fell and perished, - brother, was this my fault? When I have sinned before and when afterwards that the Lord had to struck me like that?

335,8. But you said the Lord have regretted it to have created human beings! If so, what then is man on earth? Behold, I tell you: He is a sin of God! - But I think that God was not capable to sin?!

335,9. But that the Lord has acted so faithlessly against me, the ever-righteous, and thus has shamefully sinned against me, I now believe that even God can sin! For without sin there can be no repentance; but who speaks: 'I repent', has sinned!

335,10. Thus I say: God cannot accuse me of any sin; but I want to show him His sin against me, the always righteous!"

335,11. Noah was shocked when he heard those words from Mahal.

335,12. But Mahal rose angrily and went with his children to the full height.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-335 Chapter