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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-336 Chapter

Chapter 336

336,1. When Mahal with his four children arrived on the full height in his anger against God, his son Kisarel came to him and said:

336,2. "Father, tell us, - we, your children, tell us, - if that what you have spoken to Noah, did you really mean it!

336,3. For behold, I cannot understand it, how can you accuse God of a sin against you! How is this possible, a God - to be a sinner? Against whom and for what? Against us, against His other creatures, or even perhaps against Himself? But how possible can this even be thought, where God Himself is indeed the ground law in all things, just as He is the primordial cause in everything Himself?!

336,4. O father, just remember that God is all-powerful from eternity; but we are only impotent worms of dust against Him! Can He not destroy us all of a sudden if we act contrary to His order?!

336,5. And Mahal said to his son: "You speak as you understand it! Don’t you know what God is planning to do?!

336,6. See, He wants and shall not later than within five to six years put the whole earth under water by flooding with waters from the firmament! And everything will die in these floods; only Noah alone will remain with his family and with the animals in his ark!

336,7. Say, would it not be better, if God had awakened wise teachers equipped with some miraculous powers among people who could guide the human race towards Him, than to kill so many millions with one blow?!

336,8. Who is to blame otherwise if the people forget God, than God Himself?!

336,9. It pleases Him to reveal Himself to a number of people once every thousand years; but the others, He don’t care. But if they are not to His liking, He then immediately judges all equally, those who know and those who don’t know, the taught as well as the untaught!

336,10. Thus within six years the blind as well as those who can see, will be drowned! Why so? Because they know little or nothing of God, for they never had the good fortune to hear something from Him! But also we will be drowned, even if we know God perfectly well, and the reason for it is that it pleases God!

336,11. If we were stones, He could do with us what He wanted, rightly; but He created us as free beings! And now He wants to destroy us in the freedom which He Himself has given to us, and behold, that is a sin of God against us - or we ourselves are as a mistake, thus a sin of His wisdom and power! - Do you now understand the sin of God against us'?

336,12. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-336 Chapter