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Chapter 337

337,1. However, Noah soon also went to the full height and found his brother and his beautiful children, looking at each other very distraught; and he went to Mahal and said to him:

337,2. "Listen to me, brother! Behold, you have accused God of a sin against you, because you thought of yourself as the most righteous man on the face of the earth, and the reason for this is that your conscience certainly must tell you, that you have never sinned before God, for you always very strictly have fulfilled His command in all its parts!

337,3. But behold, this your very purity of conscience created in you a certain triumphal sense and thereby a high level of satisfaction with yourself, according to which you often asked yourself: 'Can God Himself has lived more pure and righteous in His order from all eternity than I have in this my time?!'

337,4. And then your triumphant most pure conscience always answered you: 'No, God in His own conjunction could never have been more pure than I am in my relationship as a man to God and therefore also to man!'

337,5. See, brother, this triumph of justice is to God the Lord even less pleasant than any law opposing act as sin itself; for this is the very haughtiness in its basic roots itself, which much be erased from man if he is trying to be something before God.

337,6. But not only this your righteousness haughtiness has made you in the Lord's eyes austere, but even more so the following resulting wisdom which says:

337,7. 'Since I am already so pure and righteous as God Himself, but still not be allowed to be holy, because the holiness of God is inviolable, I will nevertheless with my limited powers in my human relationship, act more perfect than God Himself!

337,8. That God in His actions always first act imperfectly and then, only after some failures, achieves some perfection, I have learned from all His creations!

337,9. For nowhere in the whole world something is perfect! No thing is entirely without blemish; even the sun itself is not completely pure, and the moon is imperfect in all its appearance and imperfect the light of the stars!

337,10. Therefore I want and I can in my sphere as a human being surpass God with each of my actions; for I want to manifest each of my actions in such a way, that they should immediately appear as perfect and should not need any repairs afterwards!

337,11. But if the imperfect matter created by God does not allow the utter perfect completion of a work, it shall nevertheless appear in my thoughts and desires as perfectly completed; but what could be found as imperfect in my real works as a result of the imperfect matter created by God, the Creator will have to carry the blame for it!’

337,12. Now you see, my brother! In this way, the Lord was for quite a long time already regarded by you as a sinner against you, and that was the evil seed in you, which has now grown to a loud and bitter fruit! For now you blame God loudly of a sin against you!

337,13. Do you think that such an accusation is no sin before God?! Or do you think that God need to go to your school to become a perfect God?!

337,14. O brother, consider this your big misapprehension; recognize it as a grossest sin, and regret it, and the Lord will not close the ark for you during the time of judgement and suffering!"

337,15. But Mahal said: "Brother, with you I have nothing to argue and to arbitrate; for I have always lived with you as a true brother and have never compromised your tribe leadership with a single syllable!

337,16. My case I have with God! I have challenged Him with His Holiness, so that I can argue with Him according to my actions! He must prove it to me when I have sinned before His countenance!"

337,17. Here a mighty storm arose and the Lord appeared visibly on the full height before Mahal and Noah.

337,18. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-337 Chapter