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Chapter 338

338,1. They were all mightily frightened when the Lord appeared among them after the storm, recognizing Him as the Lord immediately; and even Noah himself had a great fear.

338,2. And the Lord said to Noah: "Noah, do not fear Me; for I have not come to judge you nor anybody else! But since your brother Mahal has demanded from Me to appear before the judgment seat of his wisdom and demands accountability for My sin against His righteousness, I had to come to save My honor before you and your children, as well as before the children of Mahal! And thus let us talk to Mahal!"

338,3. Here, the Lord turned to Mahal and said to him: "Mahal, My son! Since I’m supposed to have sinned against your righteousness already, then show Me such a sin, as well as the one against all the people on earth, - and I am quite ready now to redeem My sin against you a thousand times! Thus speak, My son Mahal!"

338,4. Here Mahal got up and in great seriousness stood opposite the Lord and said: "Lord, speak! Why do You regret it to have created man? You have known since eternity what will become of man! Who forced You, to burden Yourself with a sin with man?!

338,5. Would it not be endless better for us, the people created by You, if we had never came into an independent existence out of You, and also not better for You, since then it would be not necessary for You to say: ‘I regret it!'?!

338,6. What else can You regret other than a sin committed to Yourself by the imperfect creation of man, which is therefore also a sin against us humans - and especially a sin against me, who can stand freely opposite You with every moment of my life, and may ask You:

338,7. "Lord, show me the moment in my life starting from childhood, that I have sinned against Your order, and I want to be cursed by You, as You once have cursed the serpent! But if You can show me no sin, then give me the reason why You want to judge me, and why not also my brother!"

338,8. And the Lord said: "O Mahal, how terribly dark it must look inside you, that you're talking to Me like there has never spoken a creature!

338,9. Tell me, how possible more perfect could man be thought, than as to be placed free out of My omnipotence, so that he can argue like a second God with Me, his eternal almighty Creator over his own created order!? The fact that he is his own judge and can sin against My order, in which otherwise the whole of infinity is forever judged?!"

338,10. Here Mahal was silent; for he saw the incomprehensible perfection of man in its most free state.

338,11. And the Lord spoke again: "Do you think, that My regret is like that of a man who has sinned? O behold, also there you are completely wrong! My regret is just a pain in My love, which must watch how the so supremely perfectly created man, judges and destroys himself.

338,12. Do you think, I ever have conceived a plan, to judge and destroy a person? - See, I do always just the opposite!

338,13. But to not judge humanity in My omnipotence, I unfortunately have to allow it now, that man himself will open the sluices of the earth by force, from which will emerge mighty floods and will drown everything that breathes in this largest part of the earth!

338,14. For a long time already I knew that this was coming; and therefore I always have warned the people. But now they even have undertaken a war against Me and want to destroy the whole earth with their explosive grains, as they are now blowing up one mountain after the other; and that is their own judgement!

338,15. See, underneath the mountains there are large water basins and contain more than three million cubic miles of water; but this water will break out and will climb over the high mountains of these residential regions and will also wrap in fumes the globe, out of which it will rain violently!

338,16. O tell Me, did I not do the right thing, if I had this box built by the only still obedient Noah, to at least save his life, if then no one else wants to listen to Me?!

338,17. And now you tell Me when I have forbidden you to make use of the box; then I'll speak again!"

338,18. And Mahal was silent again; but the Lord went on, as follows.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-338 Chapter