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Chapter 339

339,1. And thus spoke the Lord: "Behold, you My son Mahal who have severely challenged Me, you are now silent and do not like to talk and argue with Me about My sin against you, as well as the entire human race! But if you have nothing to say or to argue about, then how can I compensate you?!

339,2. But I'm telling you: Present to Me what you do not like about My creation and I want to change it in an instant; you only have to prove to Me thoroughly, that there really exists something bad and reprehensible in My creation! - Speak, and I will immediately comply!"

339,3. Here, Mahal thought for a while, then straightened and said to the Lord: "Lord, do you regard someone as wise, who created a very artful work with the greatest and most suitable functionality - but once it reached the highest level of perfection, he breaks it apart and throws it into a pit, where it rots and perishes?!”

339,4. And the Lord said: "If a master does it without a reason, he would be obviously a fool and worth to be damned; if, however, the master does it, to achieve a higher holy purpose, which cannot be reached without such to you foolish and unwise looking process, he certainly does well if he destroys such artful work and throws it into a pit to decay, - for he indeed achieved thereby a higher and sacred purpose!

339,5. Behold, a seed is certainly also a highly artistic work, both in its construction as in its substantial parts of which it is composed; do you find the process unwise that it first must rot in the ground, so that it then can arise from this decay hundredfold again?!

339,6. But if the wise Master of things has already implemented such contrivance with a common seed bead, do you think that He sets such contrivance in its highest perfection in man, aside and will plunge this endlessly most perfect work into the pit of decay, just to satisfy His whim?!

339,7. O Mahal, how blind must you be if you see in Me such a foolish a master! Doesn’t your own feeling tell you that you want to live forever and want to behold more deeply My endless many works?! Do you think that you had this feeling, if you would have been created for a temporal existence only? Verily, let Me, your Creator, tell you, you would only have a temporal and not an eternal life instinct!

339,8. However, since you have an eternal life instinct in you and can look into infinity, you already carry the living proof in you that you will not rot in your pit to perish as a most perfected work of My hand, but precisely through this to you unwise seeming means, you will be able to reach in abundance and highest perfection, what you in this preparatory work feel and forever lively desire!

339,9. See, the earth is a body from which much is born, and you do not know how it happens which takes place; thus your physical body must be placed back into the earth, so that your spiritual, indestructible body Arise freely in the fullness to eternal life!

339,10. That this is a fact, you have already experienced many proofs in your life, for you've talked to many, whose body has been laid into the earth already.

339,11. Herewith I believe, that your allegation against Me is unfounded; thus think of something else, because with that you will not be able to compel Me for a compensation!"

339,12. When Mahal heard such a speech from the Lord, he was convinced that the Lord has acted perfectly on this point; but he then thought of Satan and said to the Lord:

339,13. "Lord, according to Your everlasting, true word I can see that the contrivance with Your works is good, since You can only achieve the highest purpose of Your works along this way; but if therefore everything which has gone forth from You, is good and perfect, and, except You, there is nothing in the whole of infinity and everything there is, must therefore be equally good and perfect as You are, - o say, who is thus the origin of Satan and his limitless malice? Where does he get from, with which he has now incited all the people against You, so that they despise You and, if it were possible, to destroy You with all Your works? O say, who is thus the creator and workmaster of Satan?!"

339,14. And the Lord said: "O you blind proponent of blind rights of your selfishness, what are you talking about?! Have you then forgotten how perfect I have created man that he can do outside My omnipotence, what he wants, like a second God, according to his own, freely created order?! Do you think that Satan as a free being, should be less perfect than you?! If you can do to Me, what you want, without regard to My order, should that be impossible to the free spirit?!

339,15. Must I not let you act as you want, if I not want you be judged by My omnipotence?! But if so, then you tell Me how should I have created the first spirit, so that he should act according to your opinion in My order, yet still have a perfect free will! Or does the perfection of beings does not consists therein that they freely can do what they want - regardless whether it is for or against My order?!”

339,16. Here Mahal was silent again and did not know what he should say further.

339,17. But the Lord kept on talking as follows.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-339 Chapter