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Chapter 34

34,1. When the group approached the great city of Hanoch, Lamech (Lamech from the heights) marveled about the great magnificence and boldness of the buildings, which manifested itself from their positions, and he said to Enoch:

34,2. "Listen, father Enoch, one can say what you want! If you look at these many buildings, one must frankly admit that the children of depths have not fallen on their heads; because the matter is once and for all not stupid, and I can look at all these things only with appreciation but not with discontent.

34,3. If one keeps in mind that these people have built all this solely with their natural powers since the spiritual powers are foreign to them, in all seriousness one really have to admire such mighty work!"

34,4. And when he saw the new temple on the height, this implies the former Snake-Mountain, our Lamech was completely flabbergasted. For some time he was silently rapt in contemplation and only after a while he opened his mouth and asked Enoch, saying:

34,5. "But father Enoch. What is that? Was this also built by human hands?"

34,6. Here, Enoch paused for a moment and said to Lamech: "Listen, my dear son Lamech, I say to you: Do not let these things please you too much, otherwise you will be forced to ask more questions, because on all these things a terrible chunk of world is still affixed!

34,7. According to the extent you find appreciation therein, to the same degree you are darkening your spirit, so that he then can let only a little light pass to your heart and you are thereby compelled to externally ask questions, like now, because your spirit, as I said, cannot answer you anymore.

34,8. Thus, rather turn your eye away from it and don’t look at it any longer what impresses you so much, and your spirit will soon overcome its true light again, and you therefore will find every question answered in yourself again!"

34,9. Here Enoch turned to the others following him and said to them: "You, however, should moderately rejoice in the name of the Lord, who has done for your temporal and eternal benefit so decidedly wonderful things out of His infinite love and mercy, so that you forever cannot be gratefully surprised enough!"

34,10. Naeme, the two women and also the two sons fell at once onto the ground and began to loudly praise and laud the so endlessly good God and Father of all people, because He was so gracious and merciful to the people of the depths.

34,11. And Naeme marveled even more so since she could now see in reality with the eyes of the flesh, what the Lord had already shown her on the heights in the spirit, and therefore praised and lauded the Lord manifold stronger and more fierce loving than the others, who this time have not seen the Lord.

34,12. However, since Enoch noticed this, he said to Naeme: "Arise now; for behold, there already comes a cheering crowd from the city to meet us.

34,13. Help also the others up and tell them: The Lord has indicated it to Lamech of the planes that we are waiting for him in front of the city! That's why he already meet us with open arms and wants to receive us in his mighty love out of the Lord!"

34,14. Here, not only Naeme, but also all the others who also heard such words from Enoch, arose; but Naeme, nonetheless, went to them and righted them in their hearts, since all were stricken by fear and joy at the same time when they saw the approaching crowd.

34,15. But Enoch lauded Naeme a lot because she so well understood and faithfully followed his spirit.

34,16. And Naeme replied, "O Enoch, therefore all my love to the Lord; for only He gave me, the most unworthy, that I understood your words!"

34,17. When Naeme admitted such, she soon heard a gentle breeze and in response said:

34,18. "O Enoch! Who breathed at me now so heavenly-soft like through and through?"

34,19. And Enoch replied to her: "Dear Naeme, behold, the Lord is indeed among us, even though He is not visible to the eye, but nevertheless clearly perceptible to our feelings!

34,20. Just keep on loving Him and you will perceive this holy breeze quite often; because if the Lord blesses you, He breathed His love into your heart Himself! So it is!

34,21. But Lamech is already quite close to us; therefore let us prepare for his reception! Amen. "

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