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Chapter 340

340,1. And the Lord spoke: "Mahal, My son, have you still something against Me, then speak, and I will answer you in love and fairness! For I still see some anger against Me in your heart; this has to leave you if you expect a salvation from Me, - for a spirit who is still cross with his God and Creator can never make peace with Him! And thus you can speak now!"

340,2. And Mahal said: "Lord, have I ever committed a sin against Your order?! See, You, like all your heavens and this your earth, must give me the testimony, that I have never sinned through my whole four hundred and ninety years of life, not against You, nor against an angel, nor against humans and animals, and not even against a stone!

340,3. The fact that I moved to the depths because of my children, I regarded as my bitterest duty; for I saw it in my spirit, what was happening to my son Waltar and afterwards also with this my daughter Agla, who followed her brother.

340,4. See, You demanded Waltar, and he went down; but when he arrived in the planes, You let him down, and his sister who followed him without Your and my instructions, You allowed her to sink to the lowest hell, and about all this You did not care, which I knew from my spirit. It was then surely the most bitter duty for me, an old man, to make the long journey to Hanoch, to, if possible, save my children!

340,5. I have often asked You, to protect my children; but You did not listened to my request and You quasi coerced me to go down! I went, and irrespective how deserted I found my children by You - Waltar dead and Agla in hell -, I did not grumble against You, but always glorified and praised Your holy name by word and deed!

340,6. But now, while during my great misery in the depths my brother built the box after Your advice to preserve life, You abandon me like a worst sinner and let me perish like a vile earthworm; I now ask You: According to which right are You doing this and by what order? - Speak now what You want; no matter what, these are the circumstances and not otherwise!

340,7. Even if You say now: ‘When have I said that you were not allowed to make use of the box at the time of distress, while I already called Noah?’, such an excuse will nevertheless have no value before me; for You thereby have me judged, that you have not called me like Noah, and such Your silence towards me was also a word that blocked my entrance to box and thus had me judged and condemned to death.

340,8. And see, Lord, this is the actual sin from Your side against me, because I have never sinned against You! But now I tell You: From now on, I will sin against You, so that You should have a reason to block off the box for me and to destroy me with my four children; for from now on I will never call You: 'Lord, save me’, but: 'Lord, destroy me!’”

340,9. Here the Lord's face saddened, and the Lord said to Mahal: "O son, because I loved you so much, I wanted to train you on this earth to become a grand duke of My heavens! But you saw in My too great love for you only a neglect from My side towards you; oh, how blind has your own righteousness made you!

340,10. But so that you can see that I had this box not only prepared for Noah, but for everyone, from this hour on angels from heaven will walk among the people as people and warn them of sins and invite them to go into the box in time of need!

340,11. Likewise you should now also see and speak to your son Waltar, and he will give you a testimony of Me and tell you whether I have deserted him as you earlier on accused Me of!"

340,12. Here the Lord looked up, and at that moment many thousands of angels were standing on the full height, and so also Waltar was standing shining brightly among them, and he went to Mahal and comforted him, and bore witness to the endless goodness, love, gentleness, patience and mercy of God.

340,13. But Mahal asked Waltar whether he was really Waltar and lives as such.

340,14. And Waltar gave proof to Mahal of the fullest authenticity of his being.

340,15. Only then did Mahal began to see the Lord in a different light. But the Lord disappeared now, so that Mahal would not be judged; but the angels and Waltar remained.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-340 Chapter