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Chapter 341

341,1. But Mahal, for he no longer saw the Lord, asked Waltar what had happened to the Lord, because he could not see Him among the many messengers from heaven.

341,2. And Waltar said: "O Mahal, see, that He is hiding from you, is again His endless kindness and love! Because if He would still be visible in front of you, you would have been already judged by the power of His visible presence, which would have captured you and drawn with indescribable force towards Him! But in this forceful attraction you would have lost all your freedom, and your spirit would have suffered death!

341,3. Behold, the Lord saw did well; He disappeared about you out of sight! For there is an infinite difference between Creator and creature, and behaves like day and night, or as life and death!

341,4. The sun revives with its light the whole earth; for from it the living spirits enter the organic creation of this earth and revive all the dead spirits to a freer activity in their organs, and you then soon see the earth greening and flourishing in all kinds of lovely shapes which are the work of a renewed enlivened spirits in the organs of this world!

341,5. But if the sun shines continuously at the midday sky, and no resting night which is necessary for all activity, would come in between, what would become soon of all the things on the surface of the earth? See, they would wither and finally even deflagrate! But this would mean sure death of all things!

341,6. See, much worse would be the constant visible presence of the Lord; for in it no creature could maintain its life!

341,7. O see, even we who live in the kingdom of eternal light of God in the spirit, very often miss the Lord's visible presence! We see His light, in which He resides, but we do not see Him; also as you can see the light of the sun, but not the actual sun itself, which is at home inside the only visible light envelope!

341,8. But all this testifies of the endless kindness and love of the Lord, who continuously strives with all his endless wisdom and omnipotence, to shape His children and freely firming them, so that one day they will bear His visible presence for eternity without the slightest impairment of their freedom. - O tell me, are you not happy with such a contrivance of the Lord?!”

341,9. Here Mahal felt as if a blanket has been taken off his eyes and he realized to such an extent the great injustice he had committed against the Lord, that he started to cry loudly while exclaiming: "O you eternal good Father, will You ever be able to forgive my grossest presumption against You?"

341,10. And a voice spoke from a nearby bright cloud: "My son, a long time before you have sinned I already have forgiven you; therefore be calm and love Me, your holy Father!"

341,11. Thereafter the bright cloud moved towards the morning and became invisible. But all angels and people on the height worshipped the great glory of God!

341,12. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-341 Chapter