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Chapter 342

342,1. After such exalting worship to the Most High, the angel Waltar spoke again to Mahal: "Well, Mahal, you earthly producer of my erstwhile earthly body, the time has come again, where it says: ‘Go and carry out My will!’ But it is now not necessary for me to tell you this; for the Lord Himself has revealed this to you, which is why He has called us from the heavens.

342,2. Behold, it is now the last, extraordinary effort to save the people of the earth! If it doesn’t succeed, then the Lord will allow that the evil people will find in their foolish endeavors their own judgment and their doom; and this should then at least become a teaching for their spirits which became engulfed in matter, that the creatures, whom God has given the high freedom of life, should never so foolish and recklessly engage in the destruction of the great order of God!

342,3. God Himself has put and arranged the mountains on earth for a thousandfold benefits and has dug beneath the mountains large and deep pools of water, in which there rests a hundred times as much water, as there is in the oceans of the earth's surface. And this subterranean water is like the blood of the earth, which circulates through the wide channels of the earth, and causes mainly, according to the Lord's order, the always same movement of the earth and thus its inner organic life; for even a celestial body must have a life, if it should be a carrier and provider for life.

342,4. But if the people have began like gnawing worms to drill everywhere thousands and thousands of fathoms deep under the mountains and destroy them, and thereby open the veins of the earth, say, whose fault and judgement will it be, if thereby the blind fools will find their doom?!

342,5. If you had a skin filled with water put somewhere on the ground and worms came to gnaw through it, would not, once gnawed through, the water begin to mightily push through the openings and drown all the bad gnawing worms?!

342,6. And see, just the same will happen here with the people, and through them with all the animals and things! And behold, this is the vessel which has been prophesied since ancient times as the judgement of all creatures of the place, once the the measure is full of the abominations of man!

342,7. Thus stay you here, and teach those who perhaps might be coming here looking for salvation; but the evil drive with lightning and hail away from here!

342,8. Now you know everything, as the things are standing, and henceforth no longer argue with the Lord, but stay in your old order, and you will, just like your brother, be rescued by the Lord’s most wise plan!"

342,9. After this speech all the angels said "Amen!" and then left the height and went to the depths.

342,10. What they achieved there in the course of five years, and how they brought the animals together with their food to Noah in the ark, will be shown as follows!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-342 Chapter