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Chapter 343

343,1. What progress did those extraordinary messengers made in the depths?

343,2. The twelve thousand angels went first to Hanoch, where they found only king Gurat with the long since freed captain Drohuit, who were just busy with reading the reports of the war undertakings of Fungar-Hellan against God.

343,3. But these heavenly messengers spread out in Hanoch, and only a hundred went to the castle of the king; but he immediately put his war reports aside, received these supposed delegates as usual with the greatest political civility of the court and questioned them about their concerns.

343,4. And the angel Waltar came to the fore and said to Gurat: "Gurat, don’t you recognize the slain viceroy, Waltar, the brother of Agla?”

343,5. Here the king was frightened and even more so Drohuit; for both recognized all too soon the unmistakable Waltar and did not know what they should make of this phenomenon.

343,6. Only after a while did the king asked Waltar: "How? Waltar, were you not murdered by the henchmen of your sister?! How did this happened that you are alive now? For the murderers have indeed returned your unmistakable head to Agla, who then had it embalmed!"

343,7. And Waltar said: "Yes, Gurat, I'm quite the same Waltar! But only now I live forever in a new spiritual, indestructible body, which is also of a spiritual nature and hence is completely one with me! And so I am a messenger of God from the heavens now, like all those who are here, and like many who are already spread all over the city, to preach to the people the very close judgment of God, just as we show it to you here, that you are now almost hopelessly lost!

343,8. Since your wars against the highland people have prepared for you the infallible doom; for there you have applied a means through your science knowledge, whereby you now can destroy mountains like water vole heaps from the ground up, without knowing what lies beneath the mountains in the earth!

343,9. See, the mountains are lids for large underground waters and are therefore mostly made from hard rocks according to the order of God, so that the underground waters cannot break them!

343,10. Well, if you now destroy these powerful defenses against the underground waters, will the waters not start to mightily push upwards to the earth's surface and will climb over the highest mountains and will drown you all?!

343,11. Twenty strong new streams have already begun to transform the plains one hundred and twenty miles from here into a lake, and today another five will be added, and so forth every week a few more! - Tell me, what will in the near future be your fate?"

343,12. Here Gurat’s eyes widened and he was mightily startled and could not speak; but Waltar advised him to soon flee to the heights where he could find salvation, if he wanted to do this.

343,13. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-343 Chapter