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Chapter 344

344,1. But when Gurat received such advice from the angel Waltar, he said: "Friend from the heavens or perhaps somewhere from earth! Your advice is quite friendly and well-intentioned; but it is also clear from from your warning speech that you and your company are either very gullible, or you are disguised delegates of the fleeing highlanders and now want to drive me off under the very mystical information provided by messengers from the heavens, so that I might flee from here and you could take possession of Hanoch!

344,2. You know, my dear Waltar the second, we are not that stupid here in Hanoch that we so swiftly want to believe what is told to us by a few mountain vagabonds! At first I was really surprised to see you as a Waltar; but in the course of your warning speech a wise genius gave it to me, that twin brothers exist among the people and yet other striking similarities! And this will also be the case with you and the mystical Waltar, and that you might have came to know his fate, you now present yourself as the spirit of Waltar; but the spirits do certainly not appear physically like you are!

344,3. Although I now could you have thrown into a dungeon for your great impudence; only cruelty was never part of me! Therefore, I let you go again as you have come here, because your warning speech had at least a friendly appearance; but I will not believe your statement, until the great plains around Hanoch will be traveled on by barges! Then I will follow your advice! And now go, and leave us in peace!"

344,4. Here said Waltar: "Gurat, do you know what I'm going to say to you now?! Behold, I going to tell you nothing else but: By the time one will travel on barges around Hanoch, and when you will see us leading a large number of animals through Hanoch up to Noah, so that they can be taken by the ark for a second new earth, it will then be too late for you!

344,5. For if the vapors arising from the inner of the earth begin to condense in the air and will start to plunge down in huge masses as strong floods, then Noah with his family will have long since occupied the ark already; and no one will be allowed to get on board anymore. And who will dare to get near it will be driven away and killed by lightning and hail!

344,6. Now you know everything, and our extraordinary mission to you is completed! Do now what you want, and believe what you want; for thus it is the Lord's will that no-one will be compelled!"

344,7. After these words the angels left and within a moment went to the area, where Fungar-Hellan operated and directed to this hero powerful exhortations.

344,8. But he threatened them and said: "Noah lives too high for me; therefore I will make in the next few years his mountains a little lower and will then have a look at the rescue box!"

344,9. But the angels then no longer talked to him; for he was already pure evil and totally against God.

344,10. From there, the angels went to all country people, and preached to them; but despite several miracles found no hearing and no faith. Therefore, they soon abandoned the preaching and began with bringing together the animals.

344,11. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-344 Chapter