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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-345 Chapter

Chapter 345

345,1. That these extraordinary twelve thousand messengers from the heavens quite easily brought together the animals, and their food, goes without saying.

345,2. However, this operation is mentioned here in more detail, so that the critics over time have nothing further to asked, how Noah brought the animals together and how he fed this vast menagerie.

345,3. For if it is for Me, the Lord, always possible to maintain the very greatest world menagerie from day to day, it will also be possible for Me at that stage to maintain the menagerie of Noah in the ark for about six month!

345,4. That during that time for the pious Noah and even for many other people, My angels visibly performed the maintenance duties, makes no difference before the ordinary daily preservation of my creatures; because these are always the same duties for the angels out of Me, and the visibility makes here no difference.

345,5. If the people at the present time would also just be as pious as it was Noah, they would quite frequently see, how many angels by day and night are fully engaged, to maintain My world menagerie; but with the gross worldly eyes of the current people, who are mostly a lot more bad than at the time of Noah, they will never see them!

345,6. But if one wants to say: "How did it then happen that during the times of Noah, even the pure evil people could see, how the angels led the animals and carried their food in large quantities?”

345,7. I say: This is always done by My mercy before a general disaster of the world, which the stupid people always prepare for themselves owing it to their great ignorance in all things of the world! During and before any disasters the people are always warned by extraordinary pre-phenomenon to leave the place and trustingly come under My protection, where they certainly would come to no harm; however, the people as beati possidentes (lucky owners) are always deaf and blind and are often dumber than the animals and rather let all adversity come over them than to take note of the signs and immediately come under My protection!

345,8. If I even have extraordinary signs preceding smaller local disasters, to how much more will I do so with such a large and general world disaster, like at the times of Noah! Thus the deluge surely excuses the preceding visible activity of angels from the heavens!

345,9. Such phenomenon is of course also a judgement for the people; but if one has nothing but two evils before him to choose from, then one surely selects the lesser to hopefully thereby prevent the larger one - whereby a small wound will certainly heal more easily than a big one! But if the application of the smaller evil does not provide protection anymore, then of course the greater evil must follow in order to bring the evil to an end.

345,10. I think that the reason for this visible act of angels has now been sufficiently addressed, and as such we now can again return to the story!

345,11. But the commotion created by the angels in Hanoch when they led the collected animals through the city, will be explained next!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-345 Chapter