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Chapter 346

346,1. When the extraordinary messengers in the course of four years arrived with the collected animals in Hanoch, it caused a great sensation, for these messengers did lead the animals freely and not in cages, as it was otherwise commonly in use already at that time; and the main focus of attention and admiration of the Hanochites was the fact that the almost innumerable number of animals of all kinds, shape, size and composition walked together in the most peaceful order like lambs.

346,2. The messengers walked through all the lanes and streets and shouting to the people: "Your are still granted a short time; turn to God the Lord, and go trustfully with us up to the heights of Noah, and you will all be saved irrespective how many of you will come!

346,3. For behold, we are not human beings like you are, and the obedience of these animals is proof of it, which are all of a diverse nature, but still obey us as if they were nothing but lambs, while you can see among them from the elephant to the dormouse, also the most ferocious and tearing animals!

346,4. We are thus given a great power! Even if Noah until now has built only one rescue box in a natural way for the rescue of thousands and you do not find sufficient space in the same, since you are millions, it nevertheless does not matter for your rescue; because in case of your true conversion to God, we are able to build in a moment hundreds of thousands of the same rescue boxes in which you all can be preserved and reach safely the renewed earth!

346,5. Listen! This is the last call of God that penetrates your ears! Leave everything and follow it; because from now on in one year all of these your dwellings and your lands will be buried under three thousand fathoms of water and mud!"

346,6. However, this call was still of no effect; they only laughed about these supposed magicians and animal tamers and allowed them to move on and screaming quite undeterred.

346,7. Thus they also came back to the king and invited him to follow them.

346,8. But he gave them no answer at all, and had them move away again completely empty-handed.

346,9. And the messengers, deeply troubled, left the city and led the animals to the heights.

346,10. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-346 Chapter