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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-347 Chapter

Chapter 347

347,1. When these extraordinary messengers arrived on the heights of Noah with the collected animals, they were met by Noah and his brother Mahal, and both were hugely surprised by the large number of animals and their very different forms and different kinds of behavior.

347,2. But the angels said to Noah: “Open the door to the ark, that we can put the animals into the cells intended for them; their food we will place in their cells, and they will eat thereof according to their inner impulses as much as it is necessary for their preservation!

347,3. You thus have to care for nothing else than water, which however will be very easy for you. See, because the box will be up to half its height in the water, drill a hole in the middle floor and install on the inside a tap! If you are going to open the tap, you will immediately get as much water as you need.

347,4. But for as long the Lord will not let it rain, for as long leave the ark open and allow the animals to go in and out to look for water and fresh food; however, you must label the cells and see to it that the animals are not loaded differently than we have done right now!

347,5. But you should not worry further about the placement; because for each animal we put the right food into its cell, and every animal will thus recognize its own cell!

347,6. You should also not worry about the cleaning of the cells; because they will be clean without your efforts!

347,7. Likewise keep the window on the roof always open, so that the birds can move in through it! We will take care concerning their food; you and your people have only to take care of the water!

347,8. The Lord Himself will tell you when you have to lock the ark, and then to solidly caulk the door!

347,9. If the people are coming to you to look for protection before the rain, then take them in; however, once it will begin to rain, then no one should be allowed into the ark anymore!

347,10. Now you know everything; the Lord be with you! Amen."

347,11. Thereupon the angels disappeared, and Noah and all his people praised and glorified God.

347,12. But Mahal, like a nature scientist, with his children was only interested in looking at the animals and found great pleasure in this menagerie.

347,13. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-347 Chapter