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Chapter 348

348,1. When Noah had praised and lauded God, he too went into the Ark and looked at how the animals were divided into the cells and then searched in the middle floor for an appropriate location to install the recommended tap.

348,2. When he found it he ascended to the third floor and found here his brother Mahal who was just busy to discuss with his children why the angels had not mentioned him at all, but gave all the instructions to Noah only, and was full anger thereat especially since the angels had given Noah very precise instructions to maintain the animals, but did not mentioned with one syllable the preservation of him and his children!

348,3. And in the presence of Noah which he nevertheless hadn’t noticed, because he was standing behind a cell wall, he said: "Am I then less before the Lord than the animals?! These have their cells and their adequate food, and their conservation was taken care of; what do we have?

348,4. Thus also the angels spoke all the time of preserving Noah and his family; but not the slightest was said about our conservation! Why should this be different than the angels give us to understand, that the ark is not built for us, but only for Noah and his family and for the animals!

348,5. But I know what I will do! Behold, there is still a lot of carved wood left over; I'll talk with the servants of Noah and have my own box build in which we will have space, and Noah can then inhabit the big box all by himself!

348,6. If the Lord wants to save us, it will be well and good - and if He doesn’t, as it will show, I will not ask Him for it; for the whole being of life under such oppressed circumstances has anyway become loathsome to me!"

348,7. Here Agla said: "O father, I think you talk too much! For behold, I have seen Waltar too and he me, and he has not comforted me; and yet I do not complain against the Lord! Why are you doing this, while you have received the highest consolation from the Lord Himself?!

348,8. But I say to myself: 'O Lord, to me, the greatest sinner, let it happen according to Your mercy!' And even if I have to become a prey of death, the Lord be praised and lauded for it!"

348,9. And Mahal was amazed about this speech of the weeping Agla, and Noah came forward and praised Agla for such right speech before God.

348,10. At that moment, however, a bright shining angel stood before Agla and said to her: "Agla, behold, you shall never become a prey of death but only a prey of life forever! Thus give me your hand, and follow me, your brother Waltar!"

348,11. Here, Agla gave her hand to the angel and disappeared instantly; and nothing of her was left behind except her clothes and a little ash in it.

348,12. This phenomenon left all in the greatest astonishment, and they did not know how this was happening.

348,13. Only Noah collected himself and fell on his face and glorified and praised God beyond measure for such to happen.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-348 Chapter