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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-349 Chapter

Chapter 349

349,1. When Noah had lauded and praised the Lord for an hour, that He had taken up the lost daughter of his brother so extraordinary graciously in the forever-living realm of the spirits from God, he stood up again, turned to his brother Mahal and said to him:

349,2. "Brother, do you not want again to quarrel with God the Lord that He bestowed you with such endlessly great grace?! Behold, there is nothing in you but a pure hidden arrogance!

349,3. See, it secretly annoys you all the time that the Lord has chosen me and not you to build the ark, and that you are not specifically called and chosen at every opportunity! And because you have no one else with whom you could argue about it, you express your haughtiness frustrations and anger against the Lord Himself and want to defy Him at every opportunity!

349,4. But ask yourself, if such behavior against Him who called you four years ago so lovingly His son, is right and proper! Do you really think that you can defyingly wrest something from the Lord?!

349,5. See, Satan(a) defies the Lord since unthinkable long times already! But what has he gained by that?! For everything that he wants, the Lord will never do! And so Satan stays always the defeated slave of his own stubbornness, which is a fruit of his folly; but the Lord remains forever the Lord and does what He wants, without paying attention to the yelling of the world fools!

349,6. Brother, is it really so hard to humble yourself before the holy, best Father and accept His holy order?!

349,7. The Lord has shown to you palpably, that He never has closed the box of His love, grace and mercy before you, and therefore also not this ark!

349,8. But if you want to lock yourself out because of a secretly felt anger, do you think that the Lord will drag you in it by your hair?! Oh, change your folly, and do not put the Lord’s patience to test anew, and you will soon find yourself a cell here in the ark!"

349,9. But this most well-intentioned speech of Noah made little impact in Mahal, and he insisted that a separate box should be built for him.

349,10. And Noah did according to the wish of his brother, and had him built a small box of four fathoms long and two fathoms high; there were, however, no cells mounted inside.

349,11. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-349 Chapter