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Chapter 35

35,1. When Lamech of the planes got close to Enoch he bared his head and chest and bowed to the ground before Enoch.

35,2. But Enoch immediately went straight to him and said to him: "Listen you, my beloved brother Lamech what the Lord Himself did not ask from me nor from you, you at all times should refrain from doing it in front of me!

35,3. For if I come to you, I'm not coming for you to honor me, like I was a second God, but I come to you only in the pure love of the Lord, who is to all of us a most loving Father and I’m coming as a true brother to you! Why therefore such an honor, which is good for nothing?!

35,4. But I say to you: Let's mutually avoid such honoring, otherwise we ourselves will become the creators of such evil spirits (times)!

35,5. Behold, if you honor me and I'm not more by one hair than there is any other person, you raise me above other people, and thus humble them before me, their equal brother!

35,6. The people will for some time endure such humiliation; but then one after the other will begin to secretly ask by himself and will say:

35,7. ‘Is he or him than more of a person than we are? Why does God let him come to such honor that we must bow before him? But us he leaves in the most shameful dishonorable lowliness!

35,8. We want to raise above him and want to take away all his vain privileges and chastise him for all the many honorings which we have wasted on him! He shall learn that he is just a man like us!'

35,9. You see, my beloved brother Lamech, this is a true voice of human nature, which, once outraged, is more terrible than the blindest fury of all tigers and hyenas!

35,10. Let us therefore mutually refrain from that wherein rests such evil seed, and the earth will blossom under our steps into a most glorious Eden of God!

35,11. If not, we will stomp with every step swords and spears out of the earth, with which our later descendants will kill each other by thousand and thousand times thousand in ardent vengeance.

35,12. We all have only one Lord, one God and a Father; but we among us are only brothers.

35,13. If the Lord places someone over greater things than another, He does not elevate him before the brothers, but only gives him the opportunity to practice even more love on his brothers.

35,14. But to exercise love to the brethren, one surely does not need honoring because love is a force which always seeks to unite what is equal but to separate the unequal like chaff from the wheat.

35,15. Such note well, dearest brother Lamech, and you will live in the perfect order of God, and you always will be congenial to God!"

35,16. These words of Enoch made a huge impression on Lamech and he now made entirely different plans from what he had in mind until now, because he contemplated to introduce a kind of quiet, better caste system, which to Me is a judgement, an abomination of abominations.

35,17. But, as said, these words of Enoch had changed all his quiet plans why he then also replied to Enoch:

35,18. "O brother Enoch, with what a light have you now filled my heart! The almighty Lord of heaven and earth therefore eternally alone all honor, all praise, all the glory and all devotion, for that He made all people as equal loving brothers!"

35,19. Here Lamech looked a little further in front of him and saw at a distance of about three hundred paces the small crowd which was following Enoch - who meanwhile lagged a little behind while Enoch alone hurried towards the humble Lamech - and Lamech asked Enoch:

35,20. "Brother, who are those who are following you, as it seems to me with somewhat fearful steps?”'

35,21. And Enoch said to Lamech: "Dearest brother, leave your brothers here and follow me, and see how gracious and good the Lord is!

35,22. Come and receive them in the name of the Lord! Amen. "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-35 Chapter