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Chapter 350

350,1. When Noah had completed the small box for Mahal, he said to him: "Well, then, there is the completed box of your stubbornness! Make sure the Lord blesses it for you and your three children; otherwise it will offer you little security!

350,2. I have blessed it by constructing it; however, this blessing will be fruitless without the blessing of the Lord! Therefore go to the Lord and give to Him the honors, so that He blesses the box for your safety!"

350,3. And Mahal said: "You're talking according to your own manner and do not know my distress! Am I not a person like you, and do we not have one father and one mother? The Lord has even commanded you to build this your ark according to the given dimensions for your rescue, while you have not asked Him to do so; but me He left running around on earth like a wild animal, because of my children, and did not tell me that also I should build myself a rescue box!

350,4. He spoke through my feelings to me and showed me in the depths what I had to do, and I always complied; but He never spoke anything about a rescue to me, while I was just as pure as you are!

350,5. And see, therein consists the troubles of my heart; and I therefore will do nothing and will wait for the Lord's explicit word! If He explicitly wants to talk to me, I will precisely act according to His word! But I will not ask the Lord neither by a request, nor by a sacrifice of some kind; I rather want to perish, than to influence the Lord’s free handling of me!

350,6. If He wants to bless this box for me, He will do so without my request, just as He has ordered you to build the ark without your request; but if He doesn’t want to do this, I will not make use of the box, but going to share boldly the bitter lot of millions with my family members and in addition will be a witness, how the evil people will pay for their crimes! Amen."

350,7. Thereupon Mahal arose and went with his three children into a forest and waited there for the Lord's word.

350,8. But the Lord let him go for three days; on the fourth day, however, the skies began to darken with clouds.

350,9. Then Mahal became angry with the Lord and wrestled mightily with God, and this in a tone which should never be repeated on earth again.

350,10. When Mahal had blasphemed himself hoarse, a fire descended from the clouds before Mahal to the ground, and out of the fire a voice said:

350,11. »Mahal, you wayward! I have become tired of your blasphemy! If you do not regard Me, your God and Lord, worth of honor, I also regard you not worth saving!

350,12. Then stay here and be a witness of My wrath upon the earth and upon you; but your children, for they have not sung the same song as you are, I want to take away from you, and as such you should at least get to know Me in My wrath, because you did not wanted to recognize Me in My love! - Let it be done!"

350,13. Here, the fire seized the three children, and consumed them in an instant. And Mahal now remained alone and was quite dumb with horror.

350,14. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-350 Chapter