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Chapter 351

351,1. But Noah had his servants search for Mahal; but the Lord did not wanted that he ever was found by Noah again on earth.

351,2. Mahal himself climbed onto a high rock and took with him edible roots, bread and cheese for twenty days, and because the rocks had a fountain, he was supplied with food and drink.

351,3. He stayed for seven days on this rock. However, as the sky from day to day darkened more and more, Mahal rose from his rock, took his victuals and went with it into the famous cave of Adam.

351,4. When he cumbersomely reached the cave, he said to himself: "I have become old and weary, and the Lord had taken all support from me; does He also want to be thanked, praised and extolled for that?

351,5. Yes, Lord! Now that I have by your urge become a sinner before You, only now I will extol You, praise and glorify You! For when You kicked me, it hurt me, and I bucked and writhed like a worm before You; but now a too big pain has made me numb! I feel neither pain nor sorrow and therefore also no anger and no rage; therefore, I now can glorify, praise and laud You, Lord, again!

351,6. And thus be praised, lauded and glorified, You my God and Lord, and You my almighty, holy Creator and Father! I have argued with you, because I had pain; but now I never want to argue with you again, for I now have no more pain!

351,7. For as long I was with You in heaven of Noah, I had no pain, and I could be just before You, Lord, at all times and could always praise You, glorify and laud You; but when You had me go to hell I was filled with wrath and was full of pain, and I had to get in conflict with You! But now I am without pain anymore; therefore I can glorify, laud and praise You again!

351,8. Therefore let me never again go to hell, where no one can glorify, praise and laud You; for there is only fire, rage, curse and pain!

351,9. Since I now can glorify, praise and laud You, Lord, again, I beg You now to take me away from this world, and do not let me be a witness of Your just flood of Your wrath over all Your creatures! Your will always be done! Amen."

351,10. Upon this salutation of Mahal, a voice sounding like an echo from the inner chambers of the cave, said: "Mahal, I have softened My anger against you, because you have softened when I struck you severely because of your hardness against Me; but you still have to pay on earth for your manifold earlier foolishness, until I will accept you, - for your transgression against Me was enormous!

351,11. But be patient in everything that is to come upon you, and wait for Me, and I will not let you be smothered by the flood; but your feet shall nevertheless be purged by the flood, before I will relieve you of your flesh! So be it!"

351,12. But Mahal clearly recognized the voice of the Lord in this echo, and now surrendered to the will of the Lord.

351,13. But when he had spent seven days in the otherwise bright grotto, it didn’t dawned anymore; because the firmament was already stuffed so tightly with pitch black clouds that no sunshine could penetrate it anymore.

351,14. Therefore Mahal left his cave and went where he could find a light; but he strayed back and forth in vain. He could not find a path anymore out of sheer darkness; but he did not complained, but was waiting patiently what would come over the earth.

351,15. But it was also the time when the Lord asked Noah to go into the ark with his family.

351,16. But how? This is written in the first book of Moses, Chapter 7, in quite detail, - yet it should be described in more detail as follows!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-351 Chapter