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Chapter 352

352,1. This is what happened when the Lord instructed Noah to go into the ark:

352,2. When the sky became mightily cloudy and the clouds began to shroud the nearby mountain peaks in a thick night and the depths over immeasurable distances steamed like a burning city, the Lord, as full of melancholy and sadness, came to Noah and said to him:

352,3. "Noah, do not be afraid; for behold, I, the Lord of all creation and of all things, am with you to protect you against any hardship which I am now going to allow to come over the world, because the people who became evil want it like that!

352,4. See, see, how sad it looks now on this old earth! The people’s art has without their knowledge and volition, released the imprisoned, evil primordial spirits of this earth prematurely, whereby all heavens would be jeopardized, without a judgement. Therefore, the space from the earth to the moon is now filled with such spirits. And if it wasn’t for the locally glowing clouds, caused by the raging and roaring freed evil spirits in it, no light at all would reach the surface of the earth, and it would be here such dense night, that all life would suffocate; for the sun’s light can never penetrate through such masses of clouds and vapors!

352,5. But the people of the depths have no fear! They illuminate their cities with torches and big oil lamps and having fun doing it; they still court and let them be courted, and hold banquets, games and dances, while I, their Creator, mourn them and can not help them, as to not destroy them in their spirits forever!

352,6. O you my Noah, this is a tough stand for a father who sees his children standing in front of the abyss, but cannot and may not help them, except through an anewed rugged imprisonment which there is the impending inevitable judgement! - What should I say to that?

352,7. See, on this earth in regions far away from here, there are living descendants of Cain! For them a dirty (tarnished, not directly from God) revelation was enough, and they are still living in My order until this very hour; and the few among them who more or less have sometimes ballasted their conscience by their faulty actions, are now wrenching their hands to Me and begging Me for mercy, in this global night of the approaching judgement!

352,8. But I tell you: Behold, I will have mercy on them in their hour of need; but this great region which is inhabited by My children mixed with the children of the world, will now experience My merciless judgement!

352,9. But before I will let the water fall from the clouds to the earth, I will still for seven days startle the people in the depths by all kinds of phenomena and where possible to compel them to escape to here!

352,10. We thus will wait here for seven days in this night, and I want to create a path of dim light from here to Hanoch and even further, so that no one should miss the way to here who still wants to save himself; and should someone come here, and even if it is Fungar-Hellan himself, he shall be accepted into the ark!"

352,11. After this speech a streak of dim light stretched from the heights to Hanoch and beyond; and the Lord opened the spiritual sight of Noah so that he could look at the depths together with the Lord; but they saw no one leaving the city.

352,12. Formidable cries occurred like thunder; but no one took note of it. In Hanoch fires erupted and many were in great fear and terror about it; but no one wanted to move out of town. Underground waters pushed upwards and put the squares and streets of Hanoch man deep under water; then the poor fled to the nearby hills, but the rich took boats and barges and sailed jubilantly on squares and streets, but no one went to the heights.

352,13. And such calamities lasted for seven days in the depths; and yet no one took note.

352,14. And then the Lord’s patience broke, and He led Noah to the ark.

352,15. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-352 Chapter