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Chapter 353

353,1. But when Noah together with the Lord arrived at the ark, the Lord said to him: "Noah, go now into the box with your whole house; for I have found you as the only righteous before Me!

353,2. But take from the pure creatures each seven animals and from the unclean beasts only one pair; but everywhere a male and a female, - likewise also of the birds under the heavens each seven, the male and its female, so that the seed stays alive on the face of the earth!

353,3. For after seven days, starting from this moment, I will let it rain for forty days and forty nights, and destroy everything in this region of the earth, which has a living being, that I have created!"

353,4. Noah fell here before the Lord on his knees and worshiped Him for the great mercy which the Lord had bestowed on him.

353,5. But the Lord lifted Noah from the ground and said to him: "Noah, you thinking now, why it is so, that I've previously already ordered you to take from all beasts, without distinction, only one pair into the ark, but now from the clean animals seven pairs of every kind, including the fowls of the air without distinction; only with the unclean animals, it had to remain with a couple!

353,6. See, the reason lies therein: Previously I thought in My heart with my averted omniscience: ‘The people from the depths will come anyway and will be looking for protection here!'

353,7. And, behold, I did not wanted to ask Myself in My omniscience, if the people who I have called so many times, will do so! But since I have looked at them now, I saw no will anymore, for all their spirits were consumed by the flesh and the world, and I also saw that nobody will come!

353,8. Therefore you should instead of the impurest people who have sunk below all animals, take on more of the clean animals and also more of the birds under the heavens! In addition, the animals will come in handy on the new earth!

353,9. You now understand this, thus go and act accordingly! But do not take any artificial light into the box; for I Myself will illuminate your box out of Me! Amen."

353,10. Here Noah went and did everything as the Lord had commanded him; but the Lord was with him and helped Noah to do everything.

353,11. When Noah had achieved everything in the greatest order with the help of Lord, he went into the ark in his six hundredth year of age, namely on the seventeenth day of the other month, which according to the current time calculation was the 17th of February.

353,12. When Noah with all his people and all the animals were inside the ark, the Lord Himself took the big gate of the ark and closed the same with His own hands, and blessed by the box; and thus Noah was safe now and the Lord Himself guarded the box.

353,13. But when Noah thus was save now, the Lord raised His almighty hand and commanded the clouds to let the rain come down on to the earth in mighty floods, and also the powerful fountains in the earth, to push the water from below to the surface of the earth. And the fountains opened in the great depths as well as the floodgates of the heavens.

353,14. There were countless mighty gushers on the surface of the earth which drove its waters to the clouds, and from the clouds the rain fell like waterfalls from high snow mountains, whereby the water level grew so quickly that the people could not flee on to the mountains; and those who still managed to flee on to the mountains, were flung back down by powerful floods crushing down over the rocks and drowned.

353,15. Only a few succeeded with the strength of despair to reach the heights of Noah. When they under constant lightning flashes saw this enormous rescue box, they cried for help and rescue; but the Lord's power drove them away and they hurried to the highest mountain peaks and climbed with bleeding hands to the top. But lightning tore them from the walls and threw them down into fast growing floods.

353,16. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-353 Chapter