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Chapter 354

354,1. But the terrible rain drove Mahal back into the cave where he walked up and down and sometimes looked in amazement and half in despair to the outside, how the most powerful water currents crushed over rocks, and tore the earth with it, uprooted the largest trees and then hurled them with appalling violence to the depths and even entire rocks came loose and with a thousand thunder bluster rolled down into the trenches and canyons!

354,2. Although he was a great friend of the great natural spectacles, this was a little too much for him; for now he saw, the otherwise heroic Mahal, the apparent demise all the world and of himself. He therefore trembled from great fear and said to himself:

354,3. "O Lord, - verily, Your power one only gets to know in Your righteous anger! Even if You are wonderfully great, holy and exalted in Your peace, the by routine dulled person pays little attention to it and may, Lord, easily forget about you; but such a scene of Your power, shows the blunted and in his stupidity proud throbbing worm of the earth, that You, Lord, are very formidable endlessly more than the, in your peace, so pompous man!

354,4. If only I would not be so alone here, this scene could be looked at in an edifying manner; but so completely forsaken by all living society, it is quite desperate horrible, to wait for the certain destruction of all things and also one’s own!

354,5. O Lord, take me from this world, and let me no longer be a witness of this Your most terrifying judgement! Your holy will be done!"

354,6. When Mahal thus finished his soliloquy, three refugees came from the depths and sought shelter in this cave. This was for Mahal a highly desirable appearance, so that he had someone to share with him this his most distressful situation!

354,7. He therefore immediately went to meet the three asylum seekers and welcomed them and asked them who they were.

354,8. And the three said, "We are the three biggest fools from the depths! A few days ago we still thought to be the masters of Hanoch and thus also of the whole world; but now the old God has shown us that only He is the Lord alone! We therefore fled to here, driven by the terrible water flood, and perhaps are already the only survivors from Hanoch; for there everything is already many fathoms deep under water and mud! - Our names are: - Gurat, Fungar-Hellan and Drohuit!”

354,9. Here Mahal screamed and said: "O Lord, what a wonderful providence! Your biggest enemies You have led here and have them given as in my hand!

354,10. Know who I am?! - Look, I am Mahal, who often spoke to you about this judgement! But your ears were clogged! Now you have your own work before your eyes, the terrible judgment of God! What are you now saying to this? Where is now your power and glory?!"

354,11. Here the three were frightened and tried to escape from the grotto; but at that moment the Lord stepped into the cave and was immediately recognized by all four.

354,12. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-354 Chapter