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Chapter 355

355,1. But Mahal, when he saw the Lord, went before Him, fell as a repentant penitent on his face and said:

355,2. "O Lord of heaven and earth, almighty God, my holy, most loving Father! I have sinned greatly against your heart in these my last few days; yes, I have heavily sinned against Your most sacred heart, which is filled with the most endless, eternal, fatherly love! O You holy Father, You eternal love, will I, a miserable worm of the dust and of nothingness, ever again find mercy and grace before Your most holy countenance?"

355,3. And the Lord said: "Mahal, My son, who was lost and who now had let himself found again by Me, arise! For I, Your eternal, holy Father, say to you: Nobody has fallen so far from My eternal and infinite love, that I will not accept him anymore, if he would come to me in the repentant knowledge of his sin!

355,4. But who does not come, has written his own judgment on his forehead; for I hold nobody against his free, by Me given will and draw no-one against such will!

355,5. The only thing that I, the Almighty, do, is to call My children to come to Me, the only, eternal, true Father! Blessed are those who hear the call, and once they hear it, convert themselves!

355,6. I now have called, taught and warned My children for two thousand years; but they did not wanted to heed those My loving, fair warnings, but only put their ears to the old lie mouth of Satan, and he has shown them the ways to perdition. And they walked for so long tirelessly on these ways, until they reached what now has come over them and over this whole region of the earth!

355,7. Not I called this judgement over the earth and I am not its creator, - but here these three are! They wanted to destroy the earth, and now they have their work in front of their eyes!

355,8. Out of rage against Me, their Creator, they foolhardily have stung holes into the earth, and Satan guided them straight to those points of the earth, where its pulses are lying the shallowest. There they tore with their acid and with their grains from hell, the tight skin off the veins of the earth, and the most powerful currents and vapors began to break through, compelled by the heaviness of the surface skin of the earth. And this now all devastating and killing tide over this their region of the earth is now the fruit of their zeal for hell!"

355,9. At these words the three began stupendously to tremble; for they knew quite well that their iniquity have brought death to millions, and how they were almost solely guilty of this judgement.

355,10. But at that point the Lord called Satan; and when he, burning of rage, stood there in an instant, the Lord said to him: "Miserable tempter of My forbearance, love and patience! Behold, here are standing your most faithful servants; they have accomplished your plan masterfully! What reward will you give them now for it?"

355,11. And Satan said: "Didn’t they had everything on earth for which their hearts thirsted?! What reward are they still expecting henceforth?! Death is their fate!"

355,12. Here, the Lord said: "Have you heard it, how your master rewards his servants? Are you satisfied with that?"

355,13. Here the three began to howl of fear and anxiety and asked the Lord for help.

355,14. And the Lord said: "That you only say due to the fear in you, but you have no regrets! Therefore depart from Me you servants of Satan, and suffer with him your wickedness in his fire!"

355,15. Here a powerful lightning struck through the cave and killed the three, and the Lord's power then drove the four spirits to hell.

355,16. But Mahal clung to the Lord; and He led him out of the cave towards the ark.

355,17. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-355 Chapter