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Chapter 356

356,1. Arriving at the ark, Mahal asked the Lord for the death of the body, for he could not endure it any longer, for the mighty rain to pour over his weak body and to feel be terrible cold feverishly in all his fibers.

356,2. And the Lord said: "Mahal, how can you complain about the rain and coldness in such My extraordinary closeness?! Is it not Me who gave the cherub its glow, the seraph its luster, and all suns fire, light and heat out of Me?!

356,3. Do you think this rain would drench you and make your limbs freeze, if you would be completely near Me in your heart?!

356,4. Oh, not at all! I tell you: Every drop which falls on your head would be a refreshment to you, as it now is for the tired and semi-killed earth, over which this flood had to come so that it would not die and perishes under the abuse of the people!

356,5. These floods will cure and cicatrize the wounds of the earth again, and it will recover and heal and will once again serve the people and animals as a dwelling place!

356,6. Thus it should be the case with you too! Also over you must first come a flood through the great activity of your love and therefrom emerging repentance; this will heal you and warm you up to eternal life out of Me in your spirit!

356,7. As your love, so your spirit! Is your love alive in Me, also your spirit will be alive out of Me; and that is the true warmth which never can be made cold through all refrigerants, which death has spread throughout infinity by the power of the lie in it!"

356,8. Here Mahal ignited and spoke from the newly kindled fierceness of his heart: "O You most holy, most highest and loving Father! How endlessly good You must be in Your being, that You with me, a most trivial sinner, so lovingly can engage, as if You had no other being in the whole of infinity to care about!

356,9. Oh, how incomprehensibly, I repent it now to ever have You so much misunderstand and have so most ungratefully could have wrangled with You, You holy, eternal Love, like a loose jack with his peers! - O Father, You holy, eternal Love, is it still possible that You can forgive me such a sin?"

356,10. Here the Lord touched Mahal with one finger, and in that moment the mortal body slumped in dust and ashes; but the glorified spirit of Mahal stood as a shining seraph beside the Lord and glorified and praised with immortal lips the Father's eternal love, which is still in judgement of the same endless fullness, as in peace of the eternal order.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-356 Chapter