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Chapter 357

357,1. But when the Lord had redeemed Mahal from his body, the Flood had lasted for seven days already and the water rose with such rapidity that it in the course of seven days had already reached the point where Mahal was standing with the Lord at the ark; and so also the prediction of the Lord with Mahal was met, after which he would not get rid of his body, until the water will have reached his feet.

357,2. When the redeemed Mahal had given the Lord the glory, the Lord said to him: "Since you now have been redeemed, your first duty as an angel lies therein that you guide this little world over the floods and will not leave it until all floods will have receded and I come and span over the new earth the arch of peace! - Only from then on, you will be assigned another duty! My will be eternally your strength!"

357,3. Thereupon the Lord vanished in His extraordinary personality, and Mahal saw, just like the other angels spirits, only the sun of the heavens, where the Lord dwells in the unapproachable light from eternity to eternity.

357,4. And thus Mahal guided the ark according to the Lord's will.

357,5. The water, however, rose above the earth so much, that it had lifted the box after the seventh day of the redemption of Mahal and began to carry it. And then Mahal guided the box, so that it not started to roll with the sweep of the waves, but quietly drifted along like a swan swimming on the quietest, waveless mirror of a lake.

357,6. Already seven days later the water flooded the highest mountains of this region of the earth up to the highest Himalaya Mountains, which separated the country of Sihinites from all the rest of Asia.

357,7. And these mountains protruded only fifteen ell above the highest water level; all other highest mountains were at least the same length below the water. Of course, according to the different height ratios, some of the lower mountains were several hundred fathoms under the water.

357,8. But how and where did the waters of the Flood went? - The main part was Central Asia, where still today the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea are the remains of the most memorable kind; because where now the Caspian Sea is located, there once stood the exceedingly great and proud Hanoch, and even today some remains of this city could be found, - but of course at a depth of more than a thousand fathoms.

357,9. And in the place of the Aral Sea was once that lake with its environment and with its water god island, which we also know quite well; also the Baikal- or now Balkhash Lake and Tsany Lake are similar, sinful remains of the pre Flood era in itself sheltering monuments.

357,10. From these main points the waters flowed mainly towards Siberia, as well as to Europe, which, however, was not inhabited at that stage. Part of it broke to the south, today’s East India, and strongest over Arabia; thus also northern Africa was strongly affected up to the Highlands, from where this land suffered only minor floods. America was only affected a little over Siberia at its northern tip; but the whole south remained entirely free like most of the islands of the great sea.

357,11. Henceforth a little more about it.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-357 Chapter