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Chapter 358

358,1. Why was it stated here that the flood flowed here and there? Didn’t it rained all over the world? And was the not everywhere of equal strength?

358,2. I say: The flood had flowed here and there, because it did not rained on the whole earth and therefore, the flood could not be of the same strength everywhere - and the reason was that it could not rain everywhere and the flood was also not needed everywhere.

358,3. Could it have rained in the exceedingly cold polar regions, where even the air freezes?! And what would be the purpose of a forty-day rain in those regions, where no people lived and also very few animals ?! Or what would be the use of the rain over the oceans? Perhaps drowning the fish? And finally, if the natural flood waters would have reached all over the world on every point the same height of three thousand fathoms, to where should the water have drained off?!

358,4. One could say: It has partly evaporated and partly has been imbibed by the earth!

358,5. However, if this would be sufficient to reduce such a body of water in the course of one year, then the oceans would have long since disappeared from the earth to the last drop already, for they (the oceans) not even form the ten thousandth part of that body of water, if the whole earth would be covered with water up to almost four thousand fathoms!

358,6. In addition, nothing is lost by evaporation; for the evaporated water accumulates again in the clouds and falls in the same quantity back to the earth. It is the same with the imbibed water by the pores of the earth; the sucked up water collects in certain vessels and is released again partly through fog and partly by periodic fountains to the earth's surface.

358,7. For this reason, such an everywhere evenly high flood of Noah would still today be standing at the same level, just like all the oceans are still the same at this hour as it was at the times of Adam with a few minor local variations.

358,8. That is why the flood occurred only there in such a devastating nature, where the evil people were at home, and therefore covered mainly central Asia to a height of four thousand fathoms above sea level, from where it then spread far and wide to all sides!

358,9. Even if it says in the Scriptures: "Over all the mountains of the earth, and besides, what the ark was carrying, nothing living remained on the surface of the earth", - it must not be taken literally with regard to the natural earth itself; for ‘mountains’ is referring to the arrogance and lust for power of the people. And that on earth no life survived except in the ark, indicates, that only in Noah a spiritual life in God and out of God remained.

358,10. Who takes this into consideration, will realize that the flood of Noah, although locally very large, was not a global flood, and this therefore, because only in central Asia were the people through their temerity behavior were the main reason for it, which was not the sad case in other parts of the world.

358,11. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-358 Chapter