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Chapter 359

359,1. Already the word ‘flood' implies a flow of water over the earth, from Hanoch, and by no means a general stationary water level all over the earth.

359,2. Hanoch itself covered with its far-reaching surroundings a densely populated surface area of nearly eight thousand square miles, thus a country in itself, that would have been quite suitable and large enough to be a major kingdom at the present time. In addition to this it reigned over the whole of Asia with minor exceptions, carrying on with its mischief.

359,3. Now imaging a three thousand fathoms high pile of water over this large surface area, and it will show how far reaching the flooding can be, - and especially if one can assume as can be proved, that central Asia was the highest land on earth, and at present still is for the biggest part towards the southeast.

359,4. One could of course argue here and say: ‘Well, if the flood of Noah was only a large local high-water event, how could it then reach such a horrible height, without first running off to all sides in hundred mile wide streams?’

359,5. On this questionable objection the following serves as an explanation: Firstly the forty-day rain occurred over the whole of Asia, a large part of Europe, as well as North Africa and by itself already caused widespread valley floodings; but since in these foreign lands no underground water eruptions occurred, the flood could not reach such level as in Asia, where the eruption of the underground water was the main contribution.

359,6. But if anyone can certainly assume that secondly in Asia in addition to the strongest rain several hundreds of thousands of the most powerful gushers occurred, of which the smallest pushed ten million cubic feet of water per minute to the surface of the earth, it is quite easy to understand how the flood of Noah over Asia had reached such height despite the simultaneous strong outflow to all sides.

359,7. From there, the flood could flow off to all the regions of the world with the most terrible force, and form the glacial landscapes which could be seen still today in many places, which should, however, not be confused with those features resulting from the periodic sea changes. (P {jl.hag2.007; jl.ev05.198; jl.ev07.115; jl.ev08.072 jl.earth.001 ff.})

359,8. The main traces of the Noachian Flood are the frequently occurring, high up resting current debris, the here and there occurring fossilized bones of pre-noachian animals, as well as frequently occurring brown coal deposits, and also the visible erosion of the mountains, leaving them completely naked. All other formations belong to either the sea migrations or to big local fire eruptions.

359,9. Thus the essence of the Noachian flood has now been also physically established, and thus we now want to touch on the duration and the end of the flood.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-359 Chapter