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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-360 Chapter

Chapter 360

360,1. For how long did this undiminished equally high flood lasted on earth?

360,2. The equally high flood levels lasted one hundred and fifty full days.

360,3. How was this possible, since it had rained only rained for forty days?

360,4. The pouring rain did indeed stopped after forty days, but the increasing more powerful current from below lasted one hundred and fifty days and supported the continuing same water level.

360,5. Only at the hundred and fiftieth day did the Lord turned back His face to the earth, and the fountains of the deep were shut and the water hoses of the ether were fully tied; for up to the hundred and fiftieth day it still had been raining locally, like today’s downpour falls after a storm.

360,6. Only after this time did the water began to disperse and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month (July 17th) the ark found ground and landed on the very spacious top of Mount Ararat, guided through the spirit of Mahal and by the power of the Lord.

360,7. The water then visibly subsided until the tenth month (October), and all the mountains, even those barely seventy fathoms high, were from that time on out of the water, which now only covered the valleys and shallow hills.

360,8. Forty days later, thus on November 10, Noah for the first time opened the window on the roof of the ark and sent forth a raven. But the raven already found land, flew from one place to another and did not return back to the ark.

360,9. Since the raven did not return, Noah soon allowed a dove to escape, to find out whether the water on the earth has subsided.

360,10. The dove, however, because everything was still bare and wet and in the valleys still mighty rivers raged and she did not find a dry place to put her foot down, she came back and sat down on the outstretched hand of Noah, who took her back into the box again.

360,11. From then on Noah waited still another seven days, and on the eighth day had again a dove fly out; she only returned in the evening and had a leaf of a olive tree in its beak; and this was a sign for Noah that the water had receded on earth.

360,12. And only he was allowed to know it, because the Lord had advised him secretly in his heart accordingly.

360,13. After another seven days Noah again let fly out a dove; but she did not come back because she already found food on the dry and re-vegetated ground.

360,14. But from then on Noah still waited until the first month of the new year, the year in which he would become 601 years of his age.

360,15. By then the water had returned to the normal levels on earth and to the biggest part had run off into the great seas, and the earth became dry by the ongoing warm midday winds.

360,16. On the 1st of January Noah and his sons began to work and removed the roof from the box, and for the first time looked from the high Ararat down to the renewed earth and saw no more water but only completely dry soil.

360,17. But he nevertheless waited until the 27 February for the Lord's word.

360,18. Then the Lord came to Noah, and instructed him, as is described in the first book of Moses, Chapter 8, to leave the ark.

360,19. And Noah immediately opened the big gate, and everything flew, walked and crawled out of the box and searched for dwelling places on the new earth; and the Lord saw to it that everything once again found its food.

360,20. And thus Noah had lived for one year and ten days with his family in the ark.

360,21. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-360 Chapter