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Chapter 361

361,1. But when Noah and everything that had life had left the box, Noah with his sons built an altar from smooth stones, added the wood from the removed roof of the ark, slew of every clean animal a male piece and lit for the Lord a big burnt offering and glorified and praised with his whole house the Lord God over and over.

361,2. The Lord smelled the sweet savor of the sacrifice, which was Noah’s love for God, and therefore spoke from His heart to Noah: "Hereafter I will not curse the earth again because of the people; for poetry and the striving of man's heart is evil from his youth! And therefore I will henceforth not destroy everything that lives, as I have it done now; and for as long the earth will be earth, seed and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night will not stop!"

361,3. Then the Lord laid His right hand upon the head of Noah and blessed him, and thus his whole house.

361,4. And when the Lord had blessed Noah, He again spoke to him: "Be fertile and multiply, and fill the whole earth with both your race, as with your spirit!

361,5. Your being be the fear and terror of all the animals of the earth, all the birds under the heavens, and over everything that creeps upon the earth; and thus all the fish are delivered into your hands.

361,6. Everything that lives and moves on earth, be your food; I give it to you, as well as the green herb. Except for the flesh that still moves in its blood, do not eat (because the blood carries in animals as in humans, My wrath and My revenge); therefore I will avenge all the blood of the people, as well as the blood of the animals! (For in blood is death.)

361,7. Thus I also want to revenge the body’s life of every person for the sake of man! Therefore I am the only Lord, and no one shall shed the blood of man! Who is shedding it, his blood shall be shed also!

361,8. I created man to My image. But from his blood came sin; therefore death is in the blood; and My anger and My vengeance came into the blood and thus all blood shall be continually avenged by the body's death!

361,9. The animals I have put in you hand, so that man’s soul can be perfect; but man remains in My hand, so that his spirit does not perish. Therefore be fertile and multiply on earth!

361,10. I am building a covenant with you, and therefore also with all your descendents! And this I also do for your sake with all the animals near you, with all the birds, with all livestock, and with every beast on earth, and with all the animals who left the ark with you, this covenant should be visible, so that your soul can be perfect, so that I henceforth shall not bring such flooding upon the earth! For the earth is now cleansed, and the sinful flesh destroyed!

361,11. Therefore multiply on earth anew; for I have put everything into your hands, so that your soul stay complete, and your spirit never perishes in My hand!"

361,12. The continuation of the Lord's discourse follows.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-361 Chapter