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Chapter 362

362,1. And the Lord spoke to Noah: "Behold, therefore I now have established a covenant with you, according to which henceforth no such Flood shall come upon the earth anymore and destroy all flesh on earth!

362,2. But I also want to give you a visible sign as a constant memorial of this My covenant with you! But this is the sign of the covenant which I have made between Me and you and every living creature with you, henceforth for ever:

362,3. I have put a bow in the clouds; it shall be the sign of this covenant between Me and the earth; and if it is necessary that I will lead clouds over the earth, one shall see this my bow in the clouds!

362,4. Then I will remember My covenant between Me and you and all living animals in all kinds of flesh, so that henceforth no longer a Flood shall come and destroy all flesh!

362,5. Therefore My bow shall be in the clouds, so that I can look at it and then remember this My everlasting covenant between Me and all creatures on earth!

362,6. And this I, you God and Lord, say to you, Noah: This is the true sign of the covenant which I now have erected between Me and all flesh on earth.”

362,7. After this speech of the covenant, the Lord led Noah to a very fertile region, namely in the same, which nowadays is called Eriwan (Yerevan, added by the translator).

362,8. When Noah arrived there, he was surprised because he came into an Eden with all kinds of already full ripe fruit in the third month of the new year.

362,9. But the Lord blessed this beautiful country three times and gave it completely to Noah and his children to own.

362,10. And Noah praised and glorified God for it over and over and said to the Lord: "O Lord, what service do You ask from me now, which forever should remain in all the seed of me?’

362,11. And the Lord said: "You know, what I have said to Enoch! See, this order is always yours too; and thus remain in it for ever and ever! For I forever demand nothing else from the people, but to love Me, their God, Lord and Father above all! I demanded this from Enoch, and I also demand this from you and all your seed.

362,12. But I want to reveal another thing to you: Behold, since it now pleases Me on this earth, as a true Prince of princes, a Lord of lords and a King of kings, I want to build a dwelling for Myself on this earth! Not far from here I'm going to build a city, and will dwell in the same until the big time of times, when I will walk in the flesh Myself among My right children!

362,13. Thus the earth shall now be the place, on which My feet shall rest and walk!

362,14. When I came to your fathers, I became invisible again; but you shall see Me walk on My feet on the ground of the earth as a man, and move towards the evening up to a country which shall be called Canaan (blessed country)!

362,15. You will reach it in a seventeen days' journey! There I will build a city for Me; this, you and all your descendants, shall call 'Salem'! But My name as the Prince of princes, a Lord of lords and a King of kings shall be 'Melchizedek' {See also: "The three days in the Temple", Chap. 19 'an elder (priest) since eternity!’}

362,16. You are free; but your descendants will have to give Me the tenth part of everything; who will refuse will be driven out of My neighborhood! Amen."

362,17. Here the Lord withdrew visibly to the evening; but Noah prayed behind the Lord for as long as he could see him.

362,18. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-362 Chapter