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Chapter 363

363,1. After a while Noah explored his area to find some good wooden trunks for building a hut; but there was only little or nothing to find, because the flood had either buried all the forests under several fathoms of sand, or - especially from the mountains - were completely washed away and buried in the valleys under mud and debris.

363,2. Thus, Noah asked the Lord that He should show him some wood from which he could build a hut.

363,3. And soon a messenger arrived from the region where the Lord had moved to, and led Noah to a place where there was a beautiful forest, and said to him: "Behold, Noah, this forest the Lord has preserved for you under the water! Therefore you should settle here in the vicinity of this forest and built a hut for you in accordance to your needs! Thus you also should lay out fields to grow all kinds of crops, which you have brought here in the box!

363,4. And see, here at your feet a bushy plant; it is the vine! Plant its branches duly into the earth; fertilize and burry them carefully, and it will yield you sweet grapes full of the best juice!

363,5. Press these grapes in a good vessel which must be closed properly! Then let the juice in the vessel verment fully; and when it becomes pure, drink it moderately, and you will be strengthened by it and become very cheerful and happy! Thus it is the will of the Lord; do accordingly and you will be very happy and cheerful for the rest of your life!”

363,6. After these words the messenger left Noah, and Noah soon complied with everything with the help of his sons, whose names were Sem, Ham and Japhet; and so, within seven years after the flood, Noah had a good and solid dwelling and many fields, pastures and a beautiful vineyard, which, however, only began to carry fruit after ten years, according to the will of the Lord.

363,7. Then Noah gathered the grapes and pressed them into a suitable container made of cedar wood, had the juice well fermented, and when the juice became clear, he tasted it and found it very delicious and thus drank quite a lot from it.

363,8. But since he did not know the effect of this juice, it happened that he became intoxicated by it and fell into a deep sleep. But because the wine caused him a lot of heat in the body, he undressed and lay naked on the green grass under a shady fig tree, around which the dwelling without a roof was was built.

363,9. And when Ham, the father of Canaan (Canaan was born in the second year after the flood), came into the open hut, led by Canaan, and saw Noah’s private parts, he went outside to his brothers and told them about it.

363,10. But Sem and Japheth took a cloak, put it over their shoulders, walked backwards into the hut to their Father Noah and covered their father's nakedness; but their faces were turned away so that they could not see their father's nakedness.

363,11. But when Noah awoke from the wine anesthesia and learned what the little son of Ham had done to him, he said to Ham: "Therefore your son Canaan is cursed; for all times of times he shall remain a servant of servants and be the least among the brethren, because he first told you about my nakedness!

363,12. Thereupon he turned to the two other sons and said: “Praise to God, may He widens the lineage of Sem! Canaan will remain his servant! Thus God also widens Japheth, and let him dwell in the hut of Sem; but Canaan remains his servant!"

363,13. Thereupon he blessed Sem and Japheth; but he chased Ham out of the hut, along with his wife and children.

363,14. Henceforth what follows!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-363 Chapter