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Chapter 364

364,1. Ham then realized that he had acted wrongly and without consideration in front of his father and regretted it very much.

364,2. This the two blessed brothers noted and went to Noah and told him how Ham repented his sin against him.

364,3. And Noah said: "Listen, you my beloved sons, I also see Ham crying; but he does not cry for the sake of my father heart, but he cries because of his servitude! Thus he repents his transgression against me, because he thereby has fallen into bondage; however, that he hurt my father heart, he does not repent? And thus he remains a servant because he does not know that the living heart of his father stands higher than its bondage! Go and tell him such!"

364,4. And Sem and Japheth soon told this to Ham.

364,5. But he said: "Truly, brothers, if Noah had a living heart, he never would have cursed me to eternal servitude; but since he bears no living father heart in his chest, he did this to me!"

364,6. And Sem said: "Verily, you are causing father injustice; for thus only self-love is talking out of you! The heart can only be found with the heart again, whether it is one or none!

364,7. If you had a heart for the father, you would also find his; but since you've no heart for the father, you can also not find one in the father, and it is understandable now why the father cannot find anything in you that would be of his heart!"

364,8. However, this admonition vexed Ham, and he took his wife and children and some cows, oxen and sheep, and moved up to the region of today’s Sidon and Tyre and named the land after his son and said:

364,9. "Now, in the name of the Lord who also has blessed me, I just want to see how, where and when I will become a servant of my brothers!

364,10. Truly, the curse of Noah, my father, did hurt me, although I have deserved it! I thus want to take revenge against my father and my brothers; but not by evil - no, God forbid! - But by blessing them I will exert my revenge!

364,11. Those who cursed me, I want to bless; and this blessing will become glowing coals over their heads and will ignite their hearts! And thus the land of my son shall never be called a land of curse and bondage, but a land of glory and blessing!

364,12. And thus my tribe shall never get into the situation, where they have to seek services in the huts of my brother’s descendants; but they will come to this blessed land and will seek and take up residence in my cities! Amen."

364,13. And a messenger came from Salem and said to Ham: "This land belongs to Salem; who wants to live in it, must give to the King of kings in Salem the tithe of everything!"

364,14. And Ham said: "Lord, here is everything that I have; take it, for it is Yours forever anyway!"

364,15. And the messenger said: "Because this is your will, this land is blessed for the children of the Lord; and you shall be their faithful servant!"

364,16. This pleased Ham a lot, and he gave a tithe of everything at once; but he did not understand that the messenger meant the descendants of Japheth to be the Lord's children.

364,17. And so the Hamites and the Canaanites lived undisturbed in this country until the times of Abraham, because Ham had blessed those, who had given him the curse.

364,18. Henceforth still a little more!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-364 Chapter