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Chapter 365

365,1. Hams children increased substantially during the lifetime of Noah; for Noah lived after the flood for another three hundred and fifty years, and thus reached a total age of nine hundred and fifty years.

365,2. Ham had a son whose name was Chus, and he already procreated the mighty hunter Nimrod, who founded the city of Babylon. This was a giant, measuring twelve shoes (1 shoe = 30 cm), and was the largest among the children of Cush, who were all of a gigantic size.

365,3. However, since Nimrod was very powerful before the people but was nevertheless very pious, he was called the hunter of God, and the still for long good living Ham thought by himself: "When will be the children of God become unlike the children of Chus, and Canaan will serve them?!"

365,4. And another messenger came from Salem to Ham and said to him: “Why are you becoming conceited about Nimrod? See, not with you, but with Sem and Japheth the Lord wants to procreated His children, and they shall come from the tribe of Sem and from the daughters of Japheth! Therefore the children of God will be of Sem and will come from Japheth!"

365,5. When Ham heard this he became sad; for he now saw the effect of the curse of Noah over him.

365,6. But the messenger said to Ham: "The Lord of Salem is not like a man to immediately curse someone; thus the children of God are not coming not from you because of the curse, but because of the divine order only!

365,7. Even if you had not been cursed by Noah in Canaan, the children of God would still not come into the world through you, because you're not the first-born! But Sem is the firstborn, and Japheth is the most recently born before the flood; therefore, the glory will remain in Sem, and Japheth as the youngest will provide the daughters.

365,8. But you are the servant of all, after the order of the Lord; and thus you're closer to the Lord than your brothers! And therefore the Lord also distinguishes your tribe with strength, numbers, wisdom and male purity and lets you first dwell in the land in which he will guide His children only very much later!

365,9. Indeed though, do not believe that all the descendants of Sem and Japheth will be called children of God; certainly not! Behold, I have the tribe register of Sem; I will reveal it to you, and in the end you will see, when and by whom the children of God will wonderfully come into the world! And thus listen!

365,10. Two years after the Flood Sem begat Arphachshad, like you Canaan; but you have already fathered in the very first year the twins Chus and Mizraim and in the second year Puth and Canaan, and wanted to excel yourself in front of your brothers.

365,11. And see, this was not entirely right before the Lord! Therefore the Lord turned to Sem and Japheth, because they were the last, and gave Arphachsad to Sem only with your fourth son and blessed him already in the womb!

365,12. To Arphachsad He gave Salah; to Salah Eber; to Eber Pelek; to Pelek Regu, who was born today; and Regu will be given Serug; to him He will give Nahor; to him Tarah; only from him will be coming Abraham and his brothers Nahor and Haran!

365,13. And, behold, Abraham will be called to become the actual father of the children of God!

365,14. But you as well as Noah will still see Abraham, and all living generations starting with Noah will bless him, and you shall not withhold your blessing from him!

365,15. Until now 131 years have elapsed after the Flood, and Abraham will be born in the 229th year after the flood. Thus you and Noah, who will be living for another 219 years from now on, thus will be living in total for 350 years after the flood, will get to know quite well the father of the children of God, since you will be living from now on for still another 300 years! (Since biblical time calculations result in 292 years, it is possible that here in the Lorber Text a reversal of numbers could have occurred {229 instead of 292})

365,16. Behold, the Lord has determined it this way, and that is all good; put up with this and you will get an equal share before God forever! Amen."

365,17. Thereupon the messenger left Ham again, who lived at Sidon. (Sidon, nowadays Saida.) Ham was satisfied with this answer and let go completely his selfishness about the strength of his descendants.

365,18. And this was up to Abraham My household, of which in the beginning of this work was done mentioning and defining!

365,19. There are of course many things that still could have been shown which occurred from Noah to Abraham; but since Moses already has given it in detail and thus every one who is versed in the science of correspondence, can find every minor event, this already stretched work is completed!

365,20. Good for anyone who will make the law of love which shines through, the foundation of his life; for he then will find in it true, eternal life!

365,21. But who will read it just as another fairytale history book, will obtain a very meager harvest for his mind!

365,22. But who will scoff and pursue this work, will not escape the certain temporal and eternal death; because I will get to him unexpectedly, when he will least expect it!

365,23. For the publication of this work, at the right time instructions will be given to one or the other of those who were involved with it right from the very beginning, to revitalize their spirit.

365,24. I thus give herewith to all My dear friends and children My richest blessings, My Father's love and My fullest mercy! Walk faithfully and fearlessly on these ways of life, and I, the Lord and Father and God of all of you, will lead you with My hand in My house; and not a single hair of anybody will be hurt!

365,25. Amen, Amen, Amen.

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