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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-38 Chapter

Chapter 38

38,1. Lamech thanked Enoch from the very bottom of his heart for this doctrine and good admonition and then said to his family members:

38,2. "Come to me and do not be afraid; because I know that the Lord has put it in your hearts, that I am not to be feared anymore!

38,3. Because the Lord's endless mercy has transformed me and has made from me, the former tyrant and monster of all kind, a double fratricide, a lamb, a gentle leader of mankind!

38,4. Therefore, come to me and do not be afraid of me; for I am now there, with the most gracious help of the Lord, to at least in some way atone the committed atrocities against humanity by leading those who are still alive on the ways of the Lord!"

38,5. Upon this very sincere and intimate invitation and avowal, his family members were fully encouraged, went to Lamech, hugged and greeted him, yet highly praising and lauding the Lord for such great mercy and compassion which He so abundantly bestowed on Lamech and thereby also on the whole depth.

38,6. This recognition made Lamech cry and he again thanked the Lord with the deepest stirred heart.

38,7. But Enoch saw such great elevation of hearts to God and secretly said to Lamech of the heights:

38,8. "My son, look at that; this is the right way to bring the holy Father a pleasing sacrifice! Have you ever seen this on the heights in such deepest ardency?

38,9. Yes, some time ago there existed on the heights a sacred ceremony for corrupting the senses and to kill the spirit; but the lively, silent ceremony of the heart, as you can see here now, has been celebrated on the heights only very little! And we are called the ‘children of God', while they are called the ‘children of the world'!

38,10. It is true: While the Father walked among us visibly and gave us endlessly greatest proof of His love, grace and mercy, there were also many contrite hearts and praised and lauded Him as the most loving and most holy Father; but when He became invisible again, many ran away as if nothing unusual happened among us! How does this difference strike you?"

38,11. And Lamech of the heights said: "O father Enoch, this is really a big difference, and I must openly confess it: the holy Father on the heights almost never occurred to me so sublime as right now looking at them!

38,12. Oh, how far are we basically standing behind them! A how much greater Lamech is he here in the depths than I am on the heights!

38,13. The Lord only gave him little, basically only worldly goods, and he is thanking the Lord as if he had received all the heavens already; but to me the Lord gave the most glorious according to His own testimony and the greatest according to His word but how meager was my thanks and my love compared to what this Lamech is doing!"

38,14. However, Enoch replied to him and said: "Yes, my son Lamech, now you have spoken the fullest truth! So it is with all of us of the heights: We as the Father’s children are less grateful for the infinite than those for the finite!

38,15. But let us now move to the city; there you will see miracles of love and gratitude towards God that will surpass anything seen so far! For motes you'll find more grateful hearts than on the heights for suns! Thus let us move to the city! Amen."

38,16. Here also Lamech of the depth took courage and with his refound family he humbly and grateful followed Enoch.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-38 Chapter