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Chapter 4 - Talk of the concerned Mira with Enoch.

1. The young speaker however, who was called Mira, very soon noticed the sensation her few words caused among the women, and she thought to herself: "What will become of this phenomenon? The mothers and sisters are all of a sudden completely mute; every face has an expression of great fear and indescribable terror!

2. Something must be done; the otherwise noble mothers and dear sisters cannot be left in such a deplorable state, can they?!

3. I already know what I'll do! I'll just go to Enoch, alone, since the mothers and sisters do not dare to walk any further, and I will be an intercessor for them; he will make things right again with the now terribly terrified mothers! Yes, this is a pretty clever idea of mine; so let's put it into motion at once!"

4. Thought of and done, it has always been a good trait of Mira; therefore she immediately went to Enoch and told him everything.

5. But Enoch, in turn, confronted her as well and said: "Yes, but why were you so pertly and thereby put the mothers and sisters in such a state of fear?!

6. See, just as you now have found your way to me, you should have found it beforehand and told me, in the name of the Lord, about the aberration of the mothers and sisters, in which case the matter could be settled along the path of love alone; but now that you have literally prepared a judgement for your mothers and sisters with your too hasty words, it is now not as easy as you might think!"

7. When Mira heard as such from Enoch she replied to him without fear: "Father Enoch, you are of course very wise, and at that, the sole and firmly appointed High Priest by the Lord Himself, but I still think I did not make a mistake; because one has to respect the rights of God more than the rights of men, if they do not correspond to the divine!

8. The mothers and sisters, however, were lost in a blind zeal, as it is so often the case already with women, and they have, against the divine rights, established false claims among themselves; and since I necessarily disliked it all, and, according to it my inner sense of justice, could no longer bare it that the holiest, best Father in his masculine, most perfect image, be reviled any longer, I came forward and simply voiced my opinion. But for the fact that the mothers and sisters were so terrified by my few words, I cannot be blamed!

9. Therefore, dear father Enoch, you should not be cross with me; for I only meant to do good, and not in the least to do any harm!

10. You see, that I certainly mean well with the mothers and sisters wholeheartedly, you can derive thereof that I - despite that the magnificent man also waved to me to come to him like with the other four, and I also at once felt in me an almost irresistible urge to do so - I nevertheless, out of fear and respect, remained with the mothers and sisters!

11. However, I am also going to tell you, dear father Enoch, with certainty: If that man beckons me again to come to him, I will not only leave all mothers and sisters behind, but the whole world, and hurry straight to him; because behind that man is more than just a man! - That I know for sure!"

12. Here, Enoch said to Mira, "Listen, you are terribly clever, which is not often the case with any of your sex! Therefore, it should not be difficult for you to help the mothers and sisters with your cleverness, if you really love them wholeheartedly?!"

13. And Mira answered Enoch: "Yes, dear father Enoch, judging from your always evasive speech, in the end I will have no other choice! On my way to you I already thought about it, that the highest level of mercy will not likely be found here! - If only I could get to that man; he would surely rather help me than you!"

14. And Enoch replied: "Very well; behold, the Man is in the hut and the door is open! I will not prevent you from looking for help from Him; you may go to Him if you believe that He will rather assist you than me!"

15. And Mira said, "Oh, if only I may, because I am not afraid at all!

16. Rejoice, you poor mothers and sisters, you will be helped without Enoch!

17. Therefore, have courage; the magnificent man surely has a better heart than you, dear father Enoch, and he will not interrogate me if I'm going to bewail my problems to him, instead, he will help me!"

18. And with that she earnestly went into the hut.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-4 Chapter